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Aelysium on Lolita


A fair post, though I feel there is a failure to address deeper roots of lolita, such as the 1950s novel, Lolita. But here’s a point of interest:

[...] hence why often lolita style tends to make girls look more* innocent, younger and generally less ‘womanly’.


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The Texture of Friendship in Natsuiro Kiseki

Natsuiro Kiseki

Natsuiro Kiseki is a standard affair in many ways yet intriguing for it’s approach to friendship, a topic Akirascuro wrote about in observation. I raised the point that Hanasaku Iroha may exemplify the kind of frictionship immediately prominent in Natsuiro, but I feel there is more to the texture of friendship which grants Natsuiro Kiseki an appealing stay with the audience. Continued…

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Nodame Cantabile: Bloom

Nodame 05

“Into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A rainy day is a good place to start this episode. Water is so fundamental yet powerful with regards to life. “April showers, bring May flowers,” but in more traditional contexts, water is related to emotive forces and feeling. One of my early attractions to Japanese culture was the idealistic relationship and integration with nature, and Nodame Cantabile showcases a healthy amount of the natural world throughout. I do not mean to insist the story is ripe with natural symbolism outside it’s convenient placement, but rain feeds the flowers and the flowers hope to bloom. Similarly, Milch stirs emotions this episode which will enable Chiaki to discover more within his cold, mechanical self.

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Space Brothers: Imperfection

Space Brothers 05

Unlike last episode, I have a few thoughts on the presence of Hibito and how he and Mutta are mutually revealing in many ways. Hibito is and isn’t what I expected, mostly because of how well Mutta understands his younger sibling. While the overall message of episode 5 may have been that everyone is “missing something” or incomplete, I felt more compelled by the brothers’ interaction with one another. Continued…

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2012 Blog Reviews: AniPages Daily

Anipages Daily

Ben’s edifice and his insight into anime production is brilliant. He stands alone with an intimidating amount of technical knowledge that really isn’t found elsewhere among anime blogs. In turn, APD offers a unique perspective on subjects that indirectly relate to many fans. I value the blog, though I do not consider it casual reading. The blog is functional just as the content is meaningful without being dressed up in artsy prose. Posts are sometimes massive, thick with the names of directors and animators, projects, and implicit timelines. This is easily a turnoff for the average reader of anime blogs, as many posts are borderline inaccessible. I’m not kidding when I say it takes effort to thoroughly digest many of these posts, but regular readers will adjust. Discussions tend to be another issue on APD where it feels impossible to penetrate ideas through comment relevancy. And when discussion takes hold, there may be depth requirements many anime fans lack altogether.

PBV: Ass-Kickingly Strong
Subscribers: 300-500
Posts Per-week: 2-3
Read Now: Lupin III: Fujiko [link]
Read Later: Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei [link]

PBV=potency by volume. Subscribers and posts per-week are based on Google Reader statistics.

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The Logo Treatment

In subscribing to Akirascuro‘s inspiration of logotypes, I pondered which logos were distinguished among the anime I’ve encountered. I found a handful of logos personally attractive, enough to further detail in a post. While Akira seems to focus on the typographic attributes of logos, I am drawn to the way logos are accessorized and capture their respective stories. Continued…

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April Addendum

Continuing from Habits, my winter weeks followed a light schedule, with a couple hours reserved on Sundays for Mouretsu and the same on Tuesdays for Chihayafuru and Natsume Yuujinchou. I had batch tendencies with NisemonogatariInu x Boku, and any other leftovers. Minimal involvement with the season felt good. Mouretsu has been put on the backlog while the completed series were satisfying with the exception of Inu x Boku‘s end.

Inu x Boku was cute with appealing characters and setting. It took a wrong turn in providing romantic closure for Ririchiyo and Miketsukami and would have been satisfactory had Miketsukami been given a sense of pride. Extending master-servant intimacy instead of romance would have also been acceptable.

I wrote a post about Ririchiyo for Yi at Listless Link, something I had been meaning to do ever since she requested assistance last year. It was a satisfying post to share, for Yi is someone I’ll help even if I were sincerely frustrated with her. I entertain the idea of writing further posts at LL, but I question the readers’ appreciation of that motion…

With Spring, I sampled ten series while the community response has made it troublesome in deciding which to continue. I am willing to expend only so much time and energy on this weekly hobby. Despite positive traction on Mysterious Girlfriend X and Sankarea, these series went straight to the backlog after two episodes. They are not disappointing and have interesting twists in the premise, but I would rather absorb these in episodic batches if at all. Nyarlko contained some comical scenes while remaining “standard.”

I am keen on the visuals and cinematography of tsuritama and worry over the writing. It would make an awesome 420 anime and will likely provide inspiration within the medium for it’s creativity. I have no plans of following it weekly and will attack it like Eureka Seven AO, which is a nostalgic item.

My initial feelings urge me to endeavor AO in a vacuum, with extremely minimal concern from twitter and blogs. Most of us are veterans of the franchise but I feel noise is on the horizon, rather than discourse. I would be open to hearing or participating in active discussion through a podcast, Teamspeak, or some other unabridged real-time medium. Still, I will likely save these episodes for when I’m on my own terms. Consider it a luxury.

The remaining series have proven their point. Kids on the Slope opens with a marvel of directional expertise, excellent writing, and strong production. I consider savoring the series at an atypical pace but await a second episode. Lupin III: Fujiko and Space Brothers are both assured for attractive pacing and exciting atmosphere. I only need two, but the season gave me three (Kimi to Boku is a continuation).

With that, we’re nominal.

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Provocative Nekomimi (NSFW)


Shance and Yi composed a fun post on nekomimi which I enjoyed reading. Surprisingly, I didn’t see mention of Azusa Nakano and her kitten dynamics from K-ON! She is an interesting character to investigate in progressively bolstering cat ears, which she amusingly grows into after resisting Yui’s aggressive play (resistance is futile an all). Kuroneko is equally interesting for different reasons, primarily her stature being more cat than kitten yet still very adorable. Continued…

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the best make easy work of the impossible

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

While the community is out and about judging content, I think there is a lack of concern for context. But what do I mean by context? Life, of course. Academia, or rather the process of evaluation in academia, has vacuum-like qualities: students are given equal advantage over one another, equal time allotments, equal tasks, and an equal scale of evaluation. Writing in life, as a hobby or profession is not context-free and lacks the same kind of equal ground between creators. Some may be wealthy and have plenty of time to leisure about without pressing issues while others may be less fortunate, struggling with a career and family, making ends meet, and continually sacrificing for the future.

Ask me who are the best bloggers in the sphere, and I will immediately eliminate the idle masses, those without struggle and a reality beyond education. There are hardly any obstacles in “easy” mode, other than one’s own laziness or disinterest. There are very few constraints, even more so if we discount having a life. What’s the use of efficiency when there is no constraint on time? The idle bloggers have all the time in the world, and with it they will follow dozens of stories every week, writing about many, and investing countless hours in the process. And very little is accomplished outside this cycle.

Contrast those heavily invested in life itself; hosting debt, raising children, enjoying social outings, and attacking 50-hour work weeks. Many of the best have quit blogging while others have adapted and garnered efficiency. I believe what makes a brilliant blogger cannot be found in content or coverage alone but in the context of creation and ability to efficiently maintain a consistent image despite the unadulterated weight of life. But who are these bloggers?

They are everywhere if we look. Plenty of bloggers are out, on their own, fending for themselves in life. They may not create the most noise, but they do create good sounds under stress and with limited resources. The best, I would consider, are those who make it seem effortless.

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