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This blog is written and managed by Ryan A. I am versed in computer science along with lingering math and physics degrees and hold an interest in many points of logic. My spare time is spent at the beach, coding, reading, studying Japanese, being nomadic, or entertaining myself with anime, film, music, friends, and the likes. Lately, I’ve been running around the state country, conjuring up my rouge status, and having my plans thwarted by a certain magical cat playing around with the cat.

My style of blogging is a reflective-editorial style, but topically I like posting meta+theory of about the sphere in general sex. Summarizing is already done very well by a few blogs I read, and I don’t feel the necessity to post in this way. The posts I create may be light and meaningless, but they are just a way I’ve interpreted the experiences with the media. I may post screen caps, and I try my best to be kind about spoilers. Keeping up with a current season is not an easy task for myself (it’s actually more like a weight), but I’ll try my best to keep up with something I’ve started to post about.

I enjoy following other blogs and leaving comments where I feel inspired.