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Sympathy for a Mean Girl


This isn’t the time or place to further express what I love about cruel or destructive female characters. But I think it is necessary to highlight a new face, even if the context is a live-action series. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s (Gilmore Girls) latest story, Bunheads (2012), starts as a catty affair and soon reveals a mean streak in the darling Sasha (above).

Witty character dynamics, on-screen ballet and dance, a quirky town, familiar music, Michelle’s dream-sequences, distinct cattiness, costumes, the vague realm between adolescence and adulthood… The writing is charged with attractive elements. Yet the mean girl has such significance, perfectly fine in her retaliation but not beyond hope. A hope for courage, a moment to blossom; my sympathy for youth and naivety.

Categories: Drama.