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Nostalgia Cloud

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.”Cesare Pavese

A delightful and dangerous tiger recently wrote about favorites and their persistence through life. With this notion, I immediately recalled School Rumble, a favorite I’ve not been able to shake for many years, and how my experience with favorites is drowned in nostalgic context. Rather than mechanically entertaining my current circumstance, favorites often allude to a time before and my presence in a distant memory.

Truthfully, Nodame Cantabile (drama) has greater merit in the realm of favorites. I have watched the drama on numerous occasions, thick and thin, and I am returned to the closing months of 2006 each time. These were beautiful university days – leisurely, festive, off-the-record – and soon-to-be fleeting, in a certain sense. Nodame Cantabile was not alone in my weekly followings, and that is peculiar. What attribute of this drama allowed a personal fondness above the rest?

I would suggest resonance, an amplication of enjoyment between reality and fiction. Nodame Cantabile resonates with me still, but the feeling was then so pristine. It was the right time. And I was able to feel the characters and story integrated with life’s magic, the whimsical magic which leaves a residue of happiness and moves like an ocean tide.

My abstraction, framed by resonace and timing, is undoubtedly vauge and quite possibly the pink lemonade of a lunatic’s wisdom. But listen: nostalgia, while clouding judgement, is not what creates favorites. Instead, I believe that duty rests on contextual elements of today, those with nostalgic potential, and their coalescence with the fiction we experience at present. This makes sense to a fool like me.

Though a romantic, I do not find myself actively living in the past; life should never allow such folly. No, I am desperately aware that moments of elation, built upon the time and texture of reality, are irreplaceable at best… and forgotten at worst.

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