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Reflection on Blogs


Among the numerous blogs I subscribe to, the ones I like to read offer greater intrigue than irritation, especially through an author’s identity, where taste and subtlety of expression are of divine worth. I play favorites to those whom I have a greater personal knowledge, respect, or simple fascination of. Naturally, my society dwindles in this age of blogging.

A sharing sphere led to discovery once upon a time, and now, stumbling across a new blog is a rarity of events. Yet I allow two points of decision to guide my initial captivation with a blog: author and aesthetic. A single entry is my typical requirement in reading an author for personality, prose, and depth of content. Aesthetic sensibilities are immediately noticed upon visiting a site, and I am far more critical of post layout than overall theme.

On this note, a good blog should be presentable and must have an author of promising mind. Balance between concision, elegance, and depth is drawn from fundamental prerequisites. No want for minds inversely refined, for behaviors of annoyance are simply surmised: needless.

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