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the best make easy work of the impossible

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

While the community is out and about judging content, I think there is a lack of concern for context. But what do I mean by context? Life, of course. Academia, or rather the process of evaluation in academia, has vacuum-like qualities: students are given equal advantage over one another, equal time allotments, equal tasks, and an equal scale of evaluation. Writing in life, as a hobby or profession is not context-free and lacks the same kind of equal ground between creators. Some may be wealthy and have plenty of time to leisure about without pressing issues while others may be less fortunate, struggling with a career and family, making ends meet, and continually sacrificing for the future.

Ask me who are the best bloggers in the sphere, and I will immediately eliminate the idle masses, those without struggle and a reality beyond education. There are hardly any obstacles in “easy” mode, other than one’s own laziness or disinterest. There are very few constraints, even more so if we discount having a life. What’s the use of efficiency when there is no constraint on time? The idle bloggers have all the time in the world, and with it they will follow dozens of stories every week, writing about many, and investing countless hours in the process. And very little is accomplished outside this cycle.

Contrast those heavily invested in life itself; hosting debt, raising children, enjoying social outings, and attacking 50-hour work weeks. Many of the best have quit blogging while others have adapted and garnered efficiency. I believe what makes a brilliant blogger cannot be found in content or coverage alone but in the context of creation and ability to efficiently maintain a consistent image despite the unadulterated weight of life. But who are these bloggers?

They are everywhere if we look. Plenty of bloggers are out, on their own, fending for themselves in life. They may not create the most noise, but they do create good sounds under stress and with limited resources. The best, I would consider, are those who make it seem effortless.

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