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Space Brothers: Challenger

Space Brothers 2

Space Brothers episode 2 continues the pace of the previous episode. Mutta stays true to the character we were previously introduced in that his internal momentum is hampered by his negative psyche. While the reason for his detrement is still unclear, Mutta is gradually encountering his dream of space through the spirits of those around him and relearning the power of being a challenger.

Space Brothers 2

“You have to make noise before you can make music.”

Sharon is a new face and welcomed addition to the cast for her history with the brothers and mature observational power. The large observatory at her place is lightly symbolic of her keen graces. Here, young Mutta would sight his dream of becoming an astronaut, while Sharon refined his education in various areas such as music and English. Sharon brings the passion of Mutta’s former self into perspective, recalling he was once an individual courageous enough to attack the most difficult challenges. In the case of music, it was the trumpet. The conversation has dual purposes, inspiring Mutta to take the JAXA exam and showing the audience young Mutta’s perseverance. He changed for some reason, becoming somewhat cynical, but I hope we see the course his life took and how he became such an adult.

Space Brothers 2

“That’s one small step for man…”

The subtly of Sharon’s presence is remarkable in furthering the idea that Mutta cannot achieve his dream without the help [or guidance] of meaningful individuals. Mutta has received nudges from Hibito, his mother, and now Sharon. We may also acknowledge Mohri’s indirect guidance, possibly in ways beyond the meeting shared with the Nanba’s. Whether or not Sharon’s influence will extend into future episodes has yet to be seen, but I feel more characters may help Mutta along this new path. And I believe this is a necessary or at least sincere message of Space Brothers illustrating the human endeavor into space. It has taken the effort of thousands to achieve such a sensational feat. This was not the work of one man alone, and I would not be surprised if Mutta’s achievement is similar in that respect. [1]


Space Brothers 2

The little twist during the interview was amusing, as were many other bits of the episode. Mutta is kind of a freak, but the interviewer’s trick, passed on from Mohri, was a nice way to shine some light on what makes the three individuals special. More than anything I think that kind of spice offers a glimpse into the person in ways questions and answers would never reveal. Taken figuratively, I think astronauts should intuitively deduce there is a problem in a given situation and attack it with hopes of finding a solution. Mutta’s action shows initiative even despite his apparent lack of motivation. Mutta is a challenger! He also headbutt his boss, so yea… Mutta! (Just saying, again.)

1 – Realizing his achievement has yet to be fleshed out. He may not become an astronaut in the end.

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  1. Space Brothers keep delivering good stuff. This and Sakamichi no Apollon I bet will shine above all, with each installment being awesome :)

    • I’m very pleased with the pace. The dialog and details are not overwhelming either, making it an easy, enjoyable watch. Apollon may be more of a challenge, but I’m optimistic about it.

  2. I dig the couch in the observatory. I like your point about the human part of the space endeavor, it looks deeper into what is behind such an undertaking. We all want to be a part of something and we never walk into our dreams without a handful of friends. Being nudged along by others is a testament to friendship and I believe love. We care about others and love is the best quality in any friendship, because it helps us relate to others on a very honest personal level. A level that let’s us give them a hint, an obvious (to them) thumbs up that lets them know “it’s ok! you can do it! give it your best, I love you no matter what :) ”, that level is awesome.

    • That is an awesome way to put love, and I definitely agree with the relating on a “very honest personal level.”

      The money:accomplishment ratio of space exploration is still in question with our current technological advances, but there’s no doubt that people play an integral role. That’s probably why the space industry has such a large price tag when thinking of how many people are involved.

      You should watch this Mr. ;)

  3. He also headbutt his boss, so yea… Mutta! (Just saying, again.)

    Oh god, please don’t get any ideas. Just saying.

    [Mutta] changed for some reason, becoming somewhat cynical, but I hope we see the course his life took and how he became such an adult.

    Yes, this will no doubt be fascinating to find out, and I can’t wait to do so either.

    What you say about human endeavour and help from others also made me wonder how much help Hibito had. It makes me want to say that he should’ve been the older brother; clearly he was more motivated to become an astronaut first… But then I realise his admiration and love from his big bro Mutta was probably his ‘shining star’, and what pushed him to chase Mutta and achieve his part in their dream. (I can only guess at this point that Mutta choked from the pressure somewhere along the line, though obviously we won’t know until the exact details are revealed.) And speaking of their dream, I’m most looking forward to seeing Mutta chasing this, even if, as you say, ‘He may not become an astronaut in the end’ (didn’t he say he wanted to go to Mars only after Hibito said he wanted to go to the moon? Hmm…), as I like the idea of the self-discovery journey the most, as opposed to just seeing him (possibly) reach the final goal too soon…

    • Haha, I’m not getting any ideas. I simply meant Mutta is a lively guy.

      Yes, I hope for self-discovery as well, and hope we figure out how Hibito came to be an astronaut readying for his mission. As for the help, I think Hibito probably was more active in seeking this goal. I’d guess Mutta gave him plenty of inspiration, but Hibito has most likely received direction through those he actively sought, in ways. We are not really seeing how his training is coming along, but I’m sure he has his mentors who have been shaping him for his mission. Hibito may have not needed the kind of help Mutta requires, the kind that keeps him looking forward.