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Mouretsu Pirates: Changes

Mouretsu Pirates 13

Episode 13 was certainly a fine way to punctuate the end of Gruier’s arc. For once, the pace was more than pleasing and contained a variety of scene locations. And we also received closure on small outstanding details concerning Gruier and Marika’s father, Captain Gonzaemon Kato. The plot may have advanced a little unexpectedly, as Marika became a second-year student, but these small developments bring stature to this transitional episode. The level of entertainment was surprising and I would be thrilled if every episode carried this pace and dynamics.

Mouretsu Pirates 13

As expected, Gruier and Grunhilde relocate to Hakuho Academy while Marika gains popularity after being awarded a medal from the Serenity royal family. Two princesses, better than one? Both princesses find their way to the infamous yacht club, which is great minus the sad realization that Oh, Jenny has now graduated. We might have lucked out in catching a glimpse of her video call with succeeding president and elite hacker, Lynn. If I remember correctly from Wikipedia, Lynn was in love with Jenny, so I’m kind of left imagining the rest of that conversation given romance (angst) has been deliberately removed from the adaptation.

Mouretsu Pirates 13

Along with the academic changes came mention of recruiting new yacht club members. The concept of a school club recruiting members is mostly typical, but the dialog between Mami and Marika managed to resonate with me on a personal level.

“They’re all just watching from a distance.”

Yes, Marika has a growing social presence and has brought positive attention to space pirates and the yacht club, but onlookers keep their distance out of fear or unintended intimidation. Marika moves about this poignant thought with ease, as if she already realizes her lifestyle is inherently isolating. Well, not entirely isolating or lonesome, but the truth is that Marika now exists in a world the average person will not dare pursue or understand. From the boundaries, this world gives an exclusive atmosphere, which is arguable to some extent. Those who tread, have purposely decided to do so.

I feel refreshed with the changes and moments of reflection brought about by this episode, one of which was Misa’s evaluation of Ririka as a pirate and mother. It feels as though the blossoms of Spring have arrived once again. And I’m excited to see the tone of Mouretsu is similarly matched in this month of April.


Mouretsu Pirates 13

Maybe I shouldn’t confess, but I skip the OP every time. It doesn’t do anything for me. I wish I could have spoken more on the thoughts behind Ririka and her push to move forward with her own aspirations of grandeur. Anyway, Mami’s 可愛いMAXPirate服 was a nice touch and use of her character. Not my favorite part of the episode, which was everything scene with Ririka, but still amusing.

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  1. I will admit this was not the most amazing episode of Mouretsu so far, but there were great moments between Mami, Marika, Gruier and Grunhilde who got to spend some one on one time with the Captain! That was a nice moment. I just can’t help but think of Gruier and Grunhilde as “little sisters” to Marika! I guess the three of them come off as having that type of relationships for now.

    Yeah that is to bad about Lynn and Jenny’s story! I wonder why the producers decided to cut that out? I did remember reading something about any romance possibilities getting removed…maybe that was another series? Either way I suppose they are going the safe way and avoiding yuri and romance in general.

    As for Ririka’s new choice in work has me wondering what they are setting us up for? Will Ririka return as a pirate and pilot a ship of her own!? Somehow I can see this happening and maybe Marika battles her own mother? That would make me either laugh or cheer.

    I hope things pick up soon! I want at least one space battle before the series ends…

    • I think Lynn and Jenny’s story would have been too difficult to work in cleanly, most likely. Plus it’s nice to avoid unnecessary teenage angst.

      Yea, I had similar thoughts about Ririka. Misa seems to think something interesting will happen at least. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Ririka’s new directive plays into the story.