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April Addendum

Continuing from Habits, my winter weeks followed a light schedule, with a couple hours reserved on Sundays for Mouretsu and the same on Tuesdays for Chihayafuru and Natsume Yuujinchou. I had batch tendencies with NisemonogatariInu x Boku, and any other leftovers. Minimal involvement with the season felt good. Mouretsu has been put on the backlog while the completed series were satisfying with the exception of Inu x Boku‘s end.

Inu x Boku was cute with appealing characters and setting. It took a wrong turn in providing romantic closure for Ririchiyo and Miketsukami and would have been satisfactory had Miketsukami been given a sense of pride. Extending master-servant intimacy instead of romance would have also been acceptable.

I wrote a post about Ririchiyo for Yi at Listless Link, something I had been meaning to do ever since she requested assistance last year. It was a satisfying post to share, for Yi is someone I’ll help even if I were sincerely frustrated with her. I entertain the idea of writing further posts at LL, but I question the readers’ appreciation of that motion…

With Spring, I sampled ten series while the community response has made it troublesome in deciding which to continue. I am willing to expend only so much time and energy on this weekly hobby. Despite positive traction on Mysterious Girlfriend X and Sankarea, these series went straight to the backlog after two episodes. They are not disappointing and have interesting twists in the premise, but I would rather absorb these in episodic batches if at all. Nyarlko contained some comical scenes while remaining “standard.”

I am keen on the visuals and cinematography of tsuritama and worry over the writing. It would make an awesome 420 anime and will likely provide inspiration within the medium for it’s creativity. I have no plans of following it weekly and will attack it like Eureka Seven AO, which is a nostalgic item.

My initial feelings urge me to endeavor AO in a vacuum, with extremely minimal concern from twitter and blogs. Most of us are veterans of the franchise but I feel noise is on the horizon, rather than discourse. I would be open to hearing or participating in active discussion through a podcast, Teamspeak, or some other unabridged real-time medium. Still, I will likely save these episodes for when I’m on my own terms. Consider it a luxury.

The remaining series have proven their point. Kids on the Slope opens with a marvel of directional expertise, excellent writing, and strong production. I consider savoring the series at an atypical pace but await a second episode. Lupin III: Fujiko and Space Brothers are both assured for attractive pacing and exciting atmosphere. I only need two, but the season gave me three (Kimi to Boku is a continuation).

With that, we’re nominal.

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