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2012 Blog Reviews: AniPages Daily

Anipages Daily

Ben’s edifice and his insight into anime production is brilliant. He stands alone with an intimidating amount of technical knowledge that really isn’t found elsewhere among anime blogs. In turn, APD offers a unique perspective on subjects that indirectly relate to many fans. I value the blog, though I do not consider it casual reading. The blog is functional just as the content is meaningful without being dressed up in artsy prose. Posts are sometimes massive, thick with the names of directors and animators, projects, and implicit timelines. This is easily a turnoff for the average reader of anime blogs, as many posts are borderline inaccessible. I’m not kidding when I say it takes effort to thoroughly digest many of these posts, but regular readers will adjust. Discussions tend to be another issue on APD where it feels impossible to penetrate ideas through comment relevancy. And when discussion takes hold, there may be depth requirements many anime fans lack altogether.

PBV: Ass-Kickingly Strong
Subscribers: 300-500
Posts Per-week: 2-3
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PBV=potency by volume. Subscribers and posts per-week are based on Google Reader statistics.

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