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Mouretsu Pirates: The Golden Ship

Mouretsu Pirates 11

Well, I did not find any of this week’s developments particularly outstanding. Marika’s awareness of Gruier keeping secrets about Serenity shows her perspective coincides with our own. But this episode was primarily focused on Serenity’s Golden Ship, a multi-generational colony ship on a planet-seeking mission, which turns out to be a mammoth and intimidating on approach. The Bentenmaru had difficulty closing in on the ship but what a ride it was in navigating the “space-time quake.”

The episode was overall enjoyable and thrilling during navigation. We learned that warning systems are pliable as far as Kane’s concerned, but there is a limit to what kind of forces the Bentenmaru can suffer without worry. Benchmarking the ship and crew’s boldness will be great for plot consistency should they really need to push themselves in a future conflict. My amusing highlight of the episode had to be the subspace exit and entry, where Marika questions if a neutron star was going to leap out of the epicenter. Also Kane’s parking, or docking, style was pretty fresh, showing once how nonchalant and reckless the crew can be.

Of course, there were political developments, but I think the foreshadowing was excessive and could have used more substantial details concerning Grunhilde and what her presence, along with Marcot and Corback escorts, further implies. I suspect we’ll stray away from Serenity’s present issues to reveal a more historical foundation in the next episode. I have to wonder if Serenity’s past and present are on a foreseen collision course and if that is the reason there appears to be turmoil within the kingdom.


Mouretsu Pirates 11

Short entry. So I was drained on anime this week by way of a Cross Game marathon, a highly satisfying series. And I couldn’t think about sitting down with anything else. Mouretsu was the only seasonal episode I managed, skipping both regulars, Natsume and Chihayafuru. Guess I’ll ease back into the season somehow.

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  1. This was a really nice episode this week and yes Kane’s was impressive with his piloting and parking skills! Even thou he almost wrecked the Bentenmaru, I did like the overall scale of the Golden Ghost Ship vs all of the other ships. Did you notice the other crew members? I really had no idea they had other people besides the main bridge crew.

    Next week looks to be just as fun and finally we can see the inside of the Golden Ghost Ship! I wonder what is inside…

    • Yea, I didn’t realize they had so many either. But that’s cool. And I wonder who is inside that ship!