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Mouretsu Pirates: Rose Womb

Mouretsu Pirates 12

Episode 12 ends Serenity’s ghost ship arc with much of the hazy details clearing up through minimal dialog. I did not expect the episode to address Serenity’s present issues after the previous episode, and while that was a failed assumption, Serenity’s political “turmoil” was a far more natural social progression once revealed. Most of the episode was unsurprising with the exception of Marika’s role concerning Gruier and the played tension with Serentity forces.

Mouretsu Pirates 12

What I found surprising of Marika’s role this episode was her lack of bold presence, and I felt she was sidelined in order to procure the mystery of the golden ship. However, this gave Marika another angle of characterization as a pirate to which we sense nobility in her actions and poise when dealing with Gruier in her territory. Marika shows grace and even Misa mentions how Marika and Gruier are like “prince and princess.”

Actually, Marika was not the only surprise this episode given there was a royal baby in the rose womb. It blows my mind that this was necessary to bring a little more development to Gruier, who was ready to destroy the genetic chamber while unaware of the life inside. I doubt this detail was truly necessary, but the baby’s appearance does not weaken the content in my opinion.

Mouretsu Pirates 12

And having closed the episode as well as an arc, the content of this story is my main point of concern. Satou has guided us through twelve, carefully constructed  episodes which were each thoughtful and well-produced. The views and technological candy have been excellent, and despite the lack of strongly convincing chemistry, the characters are individually distinguished and carry a lightly sexual tone I happen to enjoy. But I question my own entertainment in this story and the fact it’s not leaving a grand personal impression. The conflict of this arc seemingly fizzled out in one scene, almost as if the audience was played by tension that would never motion drastic consequence. And I question how serious this plot is willing to become after this result.

I guess Mouretsu is a lighter story than I had hope for, but I generally like it and will continue.


Mouretsu Pirates 12

Misa has the best spacesuit. She was also kind of low-lighted this episode, and apparently Kane was taking a nap. Or did I just miss him completely? Also, I want to know if they plan on changing the OP song or sequence anytime soon. The tune is fine, but that sequence is still boring as hell.

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