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Survival Strategy


Mawaru Penguindrum‘s premiere episode opened a floodgate to vibrant aesthetic and bewitching style. Flashbacks and symbolism encountered in the first twenty minutes gave the audience a taste of Penguindrums’s troublesome or incomprehensible exposition. But the sensational presentation, for many of us, immediately became a straw to grasp at and a reason to continue.

The visual highlight of episode one was undoubtedly Himari’s, or I should say the Princess’ transformation sequence during “survival strategy.” For a moment, the audience is without reason to consider about what’s happening in-story while we see penguins in a rocket ship accompanied by an upbeat jingle thrust down a track to penetrate a pink, mechanical stigma. Large, teddy bots appear in one of those infamous void-dimensions and begin to bulge as the sexual nature of the sequence becomes more evident.

Ms. Penguinhat Himari is revealed in assertive attire, heightening the sensual allure. She has a provocative cadence and haughty lip while descending the staircase, undressing piece by piece. The entire sequence is ripe for indulgence but remains tasteful, perplexing, and fortunately, thoughtful. Her manner of speaking and the details she discloses are significant and steers the act clear of being uncouth or ‘just for show.’

I love that survival strategy is a recurring element of the story with several tweaks and variations. The placement, timing, and involved characters in each briefing were similarly important, but the aesthetics were ultimately most electrifying. Was there any way to better whet my curiosity for what would happen next? Mm.



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  1. Fierce and assertive. She really rocks that scene. Electrifying~ ^ ^