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Studio Story

Reading the detailed article on Lupin III I stumbled across this paragraph:

There was one studio or family of studios that played a big role in the series, but that didn’t get any credit for some reason: Studio Z5 and Studio Number 1. They are part of a long, complicated continuity of studios founded by people who at one time worked under or were otherwise affiliated with Yoshinori Kanada in the late 70s/early 80s at his Studio Z. Other studios affiliated with this group include Studio Oz, One Pattern, Studio Tome, and Studio Nonmaruto. It’s hard to determine exactly who was at which studio when in the case of this group, as membership was very fluid, but here is a rough breakdown of their involvement in Lupin III Part 3. For some reason or other, they are not credited as a studio.

The complexity and mystique of this sounds like it would be great grounds for a story. A heavy reliance on situation mechanics, but the behind-the-scenes vibe would be excellent I bet. For some reason I think series like White Album could venture into the meta-perspectives of production.

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