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Touching on Outcasts

via Colloquium: Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 24 END | The Untold Story of Altair & Vega:

As Haruki Murakami says near the end of Underground, most of the people who join cults are not disadvantaged or crazy, and actually quite intelligent people who raise the same philosophical, religious, and existential questions that each and every one of us do.

I remember watching a special on Al Qaeda, and/or Islam extremists, and one of the thoughts that really stuck with me, which applies to all forms of extremism, is that it is typically born out of a kind of social isolation; an inability to feel understood by others, a vulnerability. Ultimately it is a lack of communication, something I’ve personally dealt with, as being someone fairly misunderstood. In one part, we might blame the entire social game we are each forced to play (and the pressure is even greater in Japan I imagine), but what we forget is that we can make our own rules to the game, with enough pride and awareness about ourselves. And I think that matters. We might get caught at “raising questions” and never fully progress on our own, and to be honest, we all must raise questions and then proceed beyond them in order to understand ourselves as individuals among many individuals.

It’s simple, but I’m not sure Penguindrum was arguing this kind of ideology. Compassion, understanding, reaching out, yes… but we still need to figure out who we are, to be reaching out to others effectively.

Just thoughts.

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