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Nisemonogatari Conundrum

GL is onto something regarding Nisemonogatari:

It has the courage to be authentic: making it sound like it’s more than some fanservice show, but really it panders to the hilt.

Having not read the novels, I’d like to say this is partially Shaft’s responsibility, and it’s not a first. Shinbo managed something similar with the ef franchise, iirc (though I don’t think the source was on par with Nishio Isin). Maybe they’re really set on exploring a narrative with authenticity while “keeping it shallow at a first glance.” What’s to say a show cannot be qualified by story/characters as well as culturally primed aesthetic?

What’s more difficult in my opinion is enjoying it for both the pandering and authenticity, simultaneously. Then again… here I am watching X, Y, and Z episodes of Hanasaku Iroha and finding new depth and enticement with each rewatch. (Still haven’t made it past episode 16, I always get stuck when Satsuki appears, oops!)

As for this other bit:

…Without self-righteousness but with full of compassion – and yet without compromising their principles? Are there really bodhisattvas watching and blogging anime every week?

We’d first need an assumption: if these people actually exist, they are aware and care about any opinions we might believe they would frown upon… yea? Ignorance is bliss, but I’m doubtful. We’re human, and realistically, our capacity to care is limited.

Sometimes we need only ask ourselves, “How would Mr. Chang handle it?”

Mr. Chang

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