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For the new year I’ve somehow reassessed my blogging habits. I feel like, well it’s impossible to blog without watching or reading anything at all, unless it’s retroblogging from memory, but I lack the required depth for it. Following an excessive amount of weekly releases, I feel there is no room for blogging. I lack the time to follow ten series every season and am not willing to sacrifice attention. My standards have not been raised, but they are more concise or restrictive. Five series is excess, four series is pressing, three is okay, and two is perfect with my schedule. I am at five; one will have to go, likely Mouretsu or Danshi. That would put me at three for Winter (Natsume and Nise, both are sequels), one rollover from Fall (Chihaya). Completed media, such as Frontier and Nodame Cantabile are excluded as they offer sustained leisure while still valid material for blogging.

I’m looking for the middle ground while applying some tactics adapted from ghostlightning: build a queue of posts before publishing. I started with the belated ’12 Days’ post series, read some manga, watched some dramas, constructed more ideas and drafts. GL suggested writing three posts in three hours, or something like that, but about what? Unless I’m immersed in an abundance of media, that will not happen. Instead I find one post for every 100-120 minutes spent on media is a good average (that equates to 4-5 series episodes or a couple volumes of manga). And because I enjoy space between entertainment, I expect similar for post ideas. I write when inspired AND have the conscience to do so; remember time is a restriction. If a post is 75% composed in one day, there are still 9 days for me to come up with a few more posts before publishing. I say 9 days, because one post every 10 days seems adequate (this is less than 40 posts per-year). The second trick still remains, do not publish without a solid queue of drafts! The first trick was to watch or read anything based on mood, whatever, and not give a thought about writing.

This gets me back to spending my time on what compels me, rather than what’s buzzing or popular. And that’s only partially true, because I am following current series and have blogged about them. If I feel like blogging, I will, and when I do, it creates more breathing room in the draft queue. “One lifetime isn’t enough,” therefore I require balance.

Bonus: While I’m being random. I’ll just say, Proposal Daisakusen is still one of the best. I wonder if Yamashita’s other roles (Buzzer Beat and Code Blue) have been as good.

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