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Fated Shouma

Shouma later revealed to be Himari’s “fated person” did throw me off, and I think we see some ideas:

Just who is Shouma Takakura?

Shouma is a Takakura, but not a Natsume. One of the intriguing balances in the end is Kanba and Himari, and conversely Masako and Mario. The thing is, and this relates back to Masako’s run-in with the poisonous fish [1], that their father perish in what I assumed to be one of Kiga’s operations. How did the curse strike the Natsume clan particularly, I’m not sure. And why was Himari part of the Natsume square? Could just be about the apples, since we only know Shouma shared his with Himari, and Kanba split his with Shouma. See, there are bonds through blood and bonds via apple exchange, be careful who you share with…lol

[1] – The poison of the puffer was stated at 1000 times more toxic than cyanide, where Sarin is stated to be 500 times more toxic. That’s interesting.

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