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Evirus’ Girl of the Year

Evirus has a Girl of the Year, fantastic.

you can’t expect someone to go to the Koshien and win Girl of the Year in the same year, can you? Nobody is that good. Oh, wait. Aoba from Cross Game did that just last year.

Hat tip to Cross Game, that’s definitely one I’m eager to watch/read in 2012.

Hana carried the second season of Seikon no Qwaser through its early lacklustre episodes. Carried it in her ass.

Seriously? I’m not sure I need to check that out, but it is intriguing. Anyway, here’s the big surprise:

Long-suffering Mouri Ran is 2011′s Girl of the Year.

And there’s a Detective Conan bump. I’m unable to comment because I lack the DC experience, but I still find it exciting for a character of the year to come from a long-running series.

What of my characters of the year?

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