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Chihayafuru: Decisions


In reviewing the previous episode, Crusader and Hana mentioned that the mysterious dark-haired girl Chihaya ran into at the shrine was potentially the Queen. I could be alone in hoping that miss mysterious would not be the Queen, but it seems my hope was mere vanity as Shinobu Wakamiya made her presence known among the crowds.

However, I feel the need to question this turn of events because I simply find it shallow writing. Where is the struggle, through blood and tears, and the advancement through a mountainous hierarchy to which Chihaya must climb? There isn’t a sense of distance in her progression as a player. Instead, she is conveniently dropped into nationals for the first time to encounter The Queen. And that issue aside, the Queen isn’t a matured player, such as the previous Meijin, but a young genius. It feels over-simplified.

Take, for example, Saki‘s Teru Miyanaga, or Hikaru no Go‘s Akira. These characters provide inescapable shadows in which protagonists exist, but neither of them are the “best” in the grand scheme of the world. We only know they are extremely good and that an encounter with them means a difficult challenge for our protagonists. Chihayafuru, though I do enjoy it very much, leaves no elegance in the hierarchy of battle, something that began to shine in the previous tournament. Really, what was the motive for this writing? Do we need to see Chihaya become Queen, or Arata become Meijin? Some dreams are better left as an afterthought. And even if Chihaya fails to win against Wakamiya, a rematch for victory would feel quite unrefined and lacking a certain degree of depth. So curious.

Oh well, at least having the “fashion sense of a rock” turns out to be sorta cute.

Note: I am a bit upset over the writing decisions and hope it doesn’t affect my overall view of the series because I honestly like it.

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  1. I assume everyone’s expecting Chihaya to lose, in which case the two cards she did get will still be seen as an accomplishment and one that’ll whet her appetite to train harder/ more effectively in future, whether or not Chihaya is crowned Queen before the season is over. (Though, hopefully she won’t be so soon/ easily, especially given last week’s meltdown.) Shinobu’s entrance in such a manner was rushed, but it was still good to see her at this stage in the series. ^ ^

    On another note, I’m enjoying the experimentation in posting styles, so I hope you’re having fun with these.

    • Win or lose, I think it will be alright overall. Funny thing, I don’t take issue with Chihaya vs Shinobu, not at all, it’s that Shinobu is the Queen. Not sure if that part was clear from my rant. It sort of makes the world of karuta top-out very quickly is all, lacking a sense that there are even greater or more mysterious “monsters” out there. Then again, maybe this is a good point to reason that Chihayafuru only appears to be a “sports story,” and that it isn’t concerned with the sport in general… I had originally hoped that the sport would be toned down and minimal, and now it’s somewhere in-between.

      Oh? I’ve only mixed some new settings with the ACE plugin and flipped off comments here and there. It’s something I’ve used for the last few years, I mean there is a lot of content on this blog that isn’t even visible unless one knows which categories to investigate… some stuff goes to the feed, some doesn’t, some remains in the category feed, some is hidden from main browsing. Essentially, there is more to find for those who want to find it, but I don’t necessarily want to highlight everything. ^ ^