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12 Days: School Girl Nano

Nichijou 15

I’m positive Nichijou would not have found a way into my heart had it remained the disjoint, slap-stick comedy produced by Kyoto Animation. But the most clever narrative move to spawn from the random everyday chaos was Nano’s desire and pursuit of attending high school, somewhere in the neighborhood of episode 15. This single direction drives me to consider Nichijou one of the most surprising series of 2011, for it connected the enjoyable scenes between Nano, Sakamoto, and Hakase to the rest of the cast by way of the high school trio: Mio, Yuuko, and Mai.

The enjoyment of Nano befriending the others has immeasurable weight over the often amusing sketches prior to episode 15, and simply put, it’s the weight of sentiment. We learn about Nano by seeing how she adapts to an unfamiliar situation and how she copes with her unusual characteristics despite yearning to just be a normal girl. Yuuko et al prove to be brutal sweethearts in welcoming Nano but eventually succeed. By the time we see how the Nichijou world neighborhood works in unison, the series is already coming to a close, and what remains is a little bit of hope for the everyday ordinary life.


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