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Double H in Penguindrum

Intriguing post series at Altair and Vega. This detail seemed to be executed well:

Shouma as burnable trash is potentially the most interesting allusion

In retrospect, Shouma is consumed by Scorpion Fire, the payment for transferring fate.

More intriguing would be in episode 11, “Those words changed everything.” Which I believe alludes to Momoka’s spell more than anything now. We know it occurred on the train when she attempted to banish Sanetoshi.

I wonder if “It takes three years to grow peaches and chestnuts, eight for persimmons” relates to “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” I recall the same proverb in Usagi Drop, in with a note mentioning it’s akin to “each thing will happen in its own time.” That sounds like fate, or patience either way.

Hmm, and this:

some have suggested that she never intended to, others that Masako’s interruption ruined things, and others that Ringo simply wasn’t “good enough” to become Momoka in Yuri’s eyes

Interesting interpretations. I thought it was that when Shouma came to rescue Ringo, Yuri realized Ringo could never replace Momoka; different life, different loves.

There were a couple other points, but that’s all I have for now.

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