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chaostangent on Mawaru Penguindrum

I’ve only dabbled in overall opinions on Penguindrum, but chaostangent strikes every chord with regard to my own issues with the show.

Morsels of exposition are stingily doled out when not being secreted away behind monologues or incongruous character histories.

Was there any storytelling here? Somewhere in the middle I noted that what we have is “seemingly just a collage of details” [link], and I admit it’s primarily an issue I had with the first majority of the story, while the final episodes did what it could to attempt a more relevant, present-time conclusion. I have deeply mixed feelings because I loved the aesthetic style, hate the means of exposition, but I don’t hate the story or characters, even if they were ill-used and weakly developed in part.

At the same time I think this is exactly what the creator wanted, perhaps in the vein of post-structuralism. We just have to deal with.

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