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WRL: Macross (21-24)

I started to care noticeably less about the Minmay aspect in this group of episodes and found concern about Misa’s mission to Earth. For whatever dark foreshadowing and other good reasons:

Thus it is important in the narrative that the Zentraedi are genetically identical with humans. This is Misa’s mission to the UN SPACY Command, whose ideas of negotiating from a position of power, while sound, is founded on the stupidity of one energy weapon being able to level the fighting potential of the Zentraedi. Misa’s dad thinks he’s in a Gundam show from the future.

LOL. I think the UN’s plan was politically aggravating, and naive. It kind of goes in line with the thinking that whoever had the biggest weapon, wins. Of course it’s true, but at what cost? It’s comparable to thinking we should strict brute force attack hash algorithms in computer science; standing still is not taking a step forward. And I’m not that keen on military/politically charged storylines, but with Misa on Earth, the story is poised for more drama (weak or strong points).

I’ll leave spoiler thoughts to further clips.

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