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WRL: Macross (09-12)

Definitely a major set of episodes, but I will never get over  Action-Britai:

Britai takes on 3 battloids by himself, UNARMED, survives prolonged exposure to the vacuum of space ENTIRELY without a space suit/helmet NOTHING. Then attacks the same team of battloids WITH A BENT METAL PIPE… AND PWNS THEM.

My facial expression during this scene… anyhow, from the Miss Macross contest to the jaw-dropping reaction to culture introduction of female Zentradi, I was thoroughly impressed by the sheer inventiveness. Minmay’s win, was nice, and it was all endearing (also perhaps original), but the major note for me was the capture-and-escape. There is so much development for Misa and Hikaru, but it’s finely integrated into important plot points. Love it.

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