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WRL: Macross (05-08)

I was unusually disconnected from the initial romance in SDFM, but I think this episode changed that with a glimpse of Misa X Hikaru:

It set the stage for the Misa x Hikaru side of the love triangle due to—

  • Misa shown to be not only capable of love, but feeling it intensely,
  • Whatever prior love affair that existed for Misa is dead (making her free to start a new romance), and
  • Hikaru rescuing Misa who clearly wanted to die.

Watching Misa wander around the Mars base was, I don’t even know, exciting for some reason (sexy spacesuits). And then as soon as Hikaru was sent to save her, I knew where this romance needed to go. Pivotal episode not only for the romance, but I guess for raising my awareness of Misa’s presence (and growing importance).

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