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Through Fire She Will See

Croisee 07

One of the things I adore this episode is Yune’s sense of compassion, she’s so fair and kindhearted. Not only that, when confronted by Claude, Yune questions whether or not she’s being selfish. Instead of selfish, her defense shows pure humility, a stark contrast to Claude’s contemptuous attack. May it be suggested that this is the strongest [indirect] commentary on East and West mentalities.

Croisee 07

Claude and Yune’s grind is a standard procedure we’ve witnessed each week, but I felt this episode’s composition highlighted the chaotic bombardment she experiences from the usual suspects, Claude and Alice. And a further difference is that Yune is associating a distinct level of emotion with the orphan boy’s situation; she is genuinely concerned, and such concern can be taxing. Yune has often carried an unaffected attitude in previous episodes during acts of pandemonium [1], but we see a noticeable level of wear in episode seven. The excessive noise and conflict coming from her surroundings, the swings of emotion from Alice’s peck to Claude’s violent tone, push Yune too far and she falls ill. But the sickness it is purposeful, in my opinion.

Croisee 07

I didn’t think much of Yune falling ill at first, but I don’t feel we are meant to take it as a typical “illness.” Rather, I believe the infection is an accumulation of cultural information, or more precisely, an accumulation of memes, and the fever is a means of cleansing. With that sort of framing one could take the symbolic argument in many directions [2], but I’ll leave it be. My more important focus is on that of recovery and healing, the purification through fever. To quote a page at random, “Fever is like a fire, which can warm your body and save your life, or burn your house down and kill you.” [3] Undoubtedly a powerful physiological tool, I feel it acts as a reset for Yune at this point in the story. A retreat to the white sheets, signs of purity or clarity if you will. Yet why must Yune proceed in an unclouded state as the story moves into Camille’s territory? Interesting to ponder.

Croisee 07

One certain feeling I felt as this episode finished was that the ending theme was suddenly appropriate. Yune’s recovery, there will be tomorrow. “A brand new day awaits me” .. it’s exactly what the ED is about. I’m at least comfortable with the direction at this point, and I am ready to follow wherever this story may go.


Croisee 07
  • I’d like to believe we will learn a great deal through Camille, both as a figure of cultural beauty and as a more mature but engaged character involved in the development of Yune.
  • The point about germs let me escape the typical notion of illness, as both Alice and Claude were easy to peck Yune on the cheek. If germs were so much an issue, wouldn’t they be more concerned? Also, the little orphan seemed pretty healthy to me, and if we look back, I believe we’ll see that Yune was already weakening slightly.
  • The blatant cultural jests have become comical, though they aren’t that humorous. Still, Croisee is one of the top summer series I look forward too each week.

[1] – Alice is pretty wild you know.
[2] – Let’s face it, this could be us.
[3] –

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  1. Hello, this is azuyu who is a huge fan of aloe, dream. I’ve always sought for an opportunity to comment around some posts. I think it’s good time to do that now because I found some connections here.

    Is the one you described as “nice episode to dream on, and very sweet”, right? It seems certainly so. I love those deep eyes which are very attractive and their clothes too. I read SnippetTee-san’s post about the clothes in Croisee and found it very interesting. I’ve never observed clothes in anime I watched and realized it can pull out pretty good discussions.

    I’m reading through this post and found my personal interests. Yune (I’m guessing she’s the black hair girl) seems pretty cute. Not only that, she seems kind-hearted too. More importantly, she seems receiving love and afftection from Camille (Guessing she’s the blond hair girl). It’s very important because I love and love that kind of yuri moments. The third pic made my day!

    Since I haven’t watch Croisee, I really can’t get into your deep discussion now. But it became one of your favorite I guess. I will surely try Croisee soon! And if you don’t mind, may I often visit here? ^^

  2. Well thank you very much azuyu! Yes, feel free to comment whenever you like or mention me on twitter, both are fine. I recently started following SnippetTee, but I’m enjoying her style and focus.

    Yuri moments ^ ^ you should definitely watch this if you can. 8 episodes have been aired. Camille is the older of the two sisters (Alice and Camille), she is in the last picture. And I am enjoying this series very much. Each episode reveals itself in an interesting way, and it’s extremely pleasing to the eyes. I would also recommend checking out Usagi Drup (Bunny Drop) if you can; it is medicine for the soul~


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