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Nodame Cantabile: Prelude



Four years ago this week [1] Nodame Cantabile premiered the first of eleven episodes in a Monday night timeslot at 9pm JST. Over the years, the story of Nodame and Chiaki has been one I’ve often returned to annually, but in many ways, I’ve only scratched the surface. Each time I rewatch an episode, I find new intriguing perspective of the masterful mechanics often fused to an inconspicuous existence within the texture of this josei work. To show appreciation and perhaps my own fondness of Nodame Cantabile, I will be rewatching each episode weekly and outlining one or two relevant themes or ideas that I’ve come to find significant .

For those who have known and enjoyed this drama, I hope you find the time and inspiration to follow along in this rewatch, perhaps finding time to write about it as well. For those less familiar or curious, now is a great time to start, as there is magic in the seasons.


One may question why I intend to analyze an adaptation, rather than the source manga, and the reason for this is that I’ve not read the source manga and believe that the drama, aside from some cheesy elements typical to the medium, is done very well; it is concise and presents the dynamics of the story almost theatrically. This was also the first drama I had ever watched, during my first season in the anisphere, and following along with Garten’s episodics, this drama left a great impression.

While I do consider the anime to have a “more complete vibrancy” than the live-action, it is hard not to prefer the actors, tone, and overall liveliness of the latter. On that note, I have not once rewatched the anime due to the fact that the expressiveness of the live characters tends to have a greater impact and satisfaction, but this is my own opinion.

Further Reading

The anime was my Winter pick in 2007, which I managed to wrap-up in December that year, and I selected as #3 top series for 2007, behind Dennou Coil, TTGL, and Towards the Terra. In Autumn 2008, there was revisiting, which stimulated further watching in Winter 2009. There were talks of a rewatch among the sphere but it never came to fruition within the community. Nodame in Paris became the norm after Autumn 2008, but earlier this year I did reflect on the functionalities between the stories in Japan and Europe, and even made a small recommendation in May.


1 – 2006 October 16.

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  1. I actually watched this two years ago with my sister. We got to episode seven during the summer, then I left for college… and I just forgot about this.

    I’ll definitely be following along your rewatch, and if I can find the episodes, I’ll be finishing this too.

    • Fantastic to hear! I always felt the latter section of the story (about Nodame) was the strength. I thought about posting DDL links to the episodes as I go, but I’m not sure; for one, the subs I have are lol. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and do it anyway. ^^


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