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Summer 2010: Amagami SS

Amagami SS
Wind turbines all over the damn place; irrelevant.

Other Thoughts

This was the first Summer series I decided to catch up on and it was primarily due to the community heat surrounding the first three episodes. Oddly enough, I find said heat had more to do with personae within the anisphere rather than the subject material.w Anyhow, here’s some little excerpts from a subset of read items:


God, listening to Itou Shizuka doing that is pure aural sex in many ways.

Cut back on the sugar if you have diabetes, iykwim.

Omo’s food imagery:

…why doesn’t anyone talk about the roleplay segment? That is by far way more hardcore. In fact the whole hostage thing is simply bizarre, and really eyebrow raising if you view it in the “right” context. Then you got that soup dripping out of Haruka’s mouth like some kind of proverbial icing on some kind of foreplay cake, if you can compare that to baked goods.

*belly growl*

lolikit (bolding is mine):

And here I am now, certain that Amagami SS will be my favorite this season if not this year. And why? Because I am projecting humanity upon the characters.

XD I loved that.


it fearlessly panders to the more sensual side of a relationship, and the more sensual side of viewers.

And so it cannot be helped, but simultaneously it is somewhat reserved and moderated. Just think: “You escaped alone and unseen, off-campus, to an abandoned shed with the most idolized girl in the school, and she’s also an older woman.” … that could have played out so nasty, but it didn’t.


Disliking the show does not make one a hater. However, mindless bashing and bashing of people who like the show is hating.


Mentar, get a blog already.


ask yourself if you haven’t done or witnessed comparable stuff in high school – I have

Yes, this is what high school was about. Doing maximally stupid-silly stuff with girls to win their attention, and sometimes vice-versa. :D Hopefully the trend is noticeable; somewhere in the midst of Amagami we stopped talking about the series, and started talking around the series incorporating various sides of the viewer equation.

Is Amagami SS a good series? Who cares. Should everyone in the anisphere follow this series? Consider it more-so than any other Summer series including Highschool of the Dead. IMO, this is just the topic to offer enough diverse reactions, flames, and passionate comment-battles to put cohesive energy back into the community. Even if we assume we’re above Amagami SS, I feel we’re never above the community.

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  1. Deleting comments because they don’t agree with you is not a good blogging practice and it’s a form of censorship. I don’t delete negative comments unless the commenter decides to do a personal attack on me… and keeping negative comments can point out what parts they don’t agree. There is no right and wrong answer, as long we aren’t attacking people and respecting opinions, thats fine.

    I mentioned this since some people are saying that Chaostangent was deleting comments he don’t agree with. This is no way to run a Anime Blog. If he wants to keep his credibility, he needs to stop deleting comments and give an apology to the blogosphere.

    • Simply increases the lack of incentive to leave a comment, but as for censorship, it’s easiest to simply write a post and trackback, because another blog isn’t going to be able to censor your own content. Simple solution really.

    • Why so butt-hurt? Bloggers don’t write for the readers.

      He has complete rights to delete any comments. It’s his blog, not yours. Also, why care? Let him ruin his own credibility.

      auraboltJuly 19, 10 @ 9:51 amReply
    • It’s his blog, he can do however he damn pleases.

      People seem to forget that you don’t necessarily write a blog for everyone, you can also write a blog because you want to and write whatever you want and delete whatever you don’t like. If you don’t like it? Then STOP VISITING IT and flame it if you so want to, but don’t come at me with the old “censorship” argument since you can easily argue about this issue outside of his blog.

      Also, judging by the comments, there are quite a few that agree with him. Even if some comments were deleted (a few, half of them, 80% of them, it doesn’t matter), some people still agree with him. What of it? Just stop acting like self-righteous douchebags and agree that there’s freedom of speech and that not everyone has to agree with your opinion.

      Also… apologies to the blogosphere? Pfft.

    • Blogs, by general definition, are largely opinion based and credibility mainly lies in the writer’s own consistency. Their method of blog “maintenance” whether that include censorship is does not have to negatively impact the credibility of his beliefs. Hell, SDB has been known to delete comments and close commenting regularly and I never see any hubbub about that (and he is still well received).
      Also, the blogopshere is an outdated concept. More of weakly linked microcosms more like.
      Anyway, using Ryan’s blog as a soapbox to announce your displeasure is a bit unseemly when you already have your own blog, don’t you think? :\ (Oh wait, it’d still be unseemly if you didn’t have one.)

      nothikagoJuly 19, 10 @ 3:39 pmReply
      • Yes, and yes, I’m sad to agree about the blogosphere, but it’s true, although some would argue that it’s better connected now, but I disagree mainly on the fact that the attention towards conversation is spread so thin across various outlets. Clustered in areas, but not fully unified. (social platform split really)

        Accessible blog are still the most powerful platform imo. :)

  2. It’s not unrealistic. I saw a relationship form based on this quasi-sadomasochism. I don’t think the characters are cretins. They’re in high school, after all.

  3. Well shit, my high school must have been horribly normal.

    auraboltJuly 19, 10 @ 9:42 amReply
    • That sucks. You never been bored and alone with a girl? It’s all competitive and silly, like who can take their clothes off fastest, or playing stupid bets so one person has to jump in a pool nekkid. A lot of ‘No U!’ but it’s so positive and blinding and silly… stuff that does not make parents proud, but makes friends laugh.

      • You never been bored and alone with a girl?

        Not with a pretty senpai like Haruka. All my female friends look and act like dinosaurs. They won’t hesitate to kick your groin either.

        I did a few pranks, but nothing wacky. My school had 6th to 12th graders so you really couldn’t.

        auraboltJuly 19, 10 @ 11:32 amReply
      • Oh that shit! Yea, the 6th-12th schools are suck. Pretty senpai, yea there were a fair amount :| but yours sound scary and not fun-loving… what’s wrong with dem.

        Pranks are another story, sort of one-sided. It has to be interactive :D

      • Oh, right. Too bad I lost my videos to show you.

        I had a recording of students trying to take a $0.25, which my friends super-glued to the ground. The best were people trying to be sly about picking up the coin.

        And yeah, I always had a camera with me in school (for Photography class).

        auraboltJuly 19, 10 @ 3:59 pmReply
      • ROFL, that’s so cruel. What if it was a special ed student trying to pick it up D: D: D; (Worst-case scenario)

  4. good post, good use of bold, and all self-aggrandizing bs aside, really, a good conclusion. :D


  5. I was surprised at the amount of buzz this got around the blogosphere as well. Before the season started, it seemed like no one was talking about it.
    I might really just pick this up so I could be “in”.

    • Well I don’t know about the sake of being “in” but sometimes it’s just good to have an opinion on some things. Amagami is one of them this season, imo. :3

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