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Nodame Cantabile Finale

Quick reflection…

Great shot of Nodame

On another note, there was one interesting [meta] bit I wished to discuss, as raised in episode 6 or 7, but seeing as the series would only serve as a reference point, it does not require urgency.

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  1. Hmm, not sure what you’re getting at either. I heard murmurs of a disappointing end to the manga, so I was pleased Finale pulled itself together as well in the second half as it did. I guess there could’ve been “more”, but I was still satisfied with a life-goes-on end.

    • The style of ending wasn’t necessarily my issue, but I didn’t find a satisfying level of connection when all was said and done. I also didn’t find the wrap-up all too convincing, and though leaving Japan should have implied life becoming more real/serious, it dwindled.

      Having “more” wouldn’t have helped, I’m afraid, but I could do for a review of the minute details of character development and storyline and maybe I’d find something.

      Regardless, not a bad ending.

  2. Uh, the ending to the anime was scene-for-scene straight from the manga ending…

    genesisMarch 30, 10 @ 11:54 pmReply
    • How interesting!? I’m been pondering since last night, I am feeling the [source] material became flawed somewhere along the way. (It had a wobble ~ lol

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