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Finding Divergence

Having recently completed Nodame Cantabile, I was left to ponder about the series on another wavelength; this is the first time it has been declared ‘over.’ Moving off the subject of good or bad ending to the series en total, I will admit that is was rather easy to slip into those rosy glasses through Paris-hen and Finale. It was not an extreme use of such bliss as a means of avoiding the reality of the series, and frankly I did find the last two seasons enjoyable and worthwhile1. Yes, there is a but…

Unmistakably, I find there was a flaw with the series in the process, and pinning the precise moment on Chiaki and Nodame’s departure from Japan is not an move of discomfort. It is easy to jest that this type of series would be more enjoyable set in Japan2, but this is a rather shallow assessment, and I don’t intend to mark the change in setting as the source of divergence. The issue, in short, is a simple over-shadowing of conflict-resolution points by the Japan arc over the European arc.

In thinking about the story’s course, I found that resolution points had a clearer definition and more focus while the story was in Japan. It was easy to asses the generic elements of storytelling during this arc3. After leaving Japan, I felt that the story transformed. In a sense, Chiaki and Nodame had “come together” in Japan, so to speak, and what followed was nothing short of [enjoyable] daytime television slice-of-life, soap-drama4; the distinguished points were important, but in retrospect, it was more of an “expected trial of life” rather than a progressive story.

The sails were set, this ship was loaded in Japan, and throughout the European arc, we were simply watching it float on course in open water.

It was a nice breeze while it lasted.

  • 1 – Thanks to my positive stance on the first major arc.
  • 2 – weaboo argument.
  • 3 – And for the record, there is nothing wrong with the “formulated” storyline.
  • 4 – I once purchased one of these on home-recorded VHS from the local Japanese market, and viewed it without sobriety. I have never see so much laundry folding in my life, nor a housewife so suspect of her husband.

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