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Warm and Fuzzy

Ayane Yano

Ayane Yano

Ayane Yano

Ayane Yano

Ayane Yano

Ayane Yano


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  1. These orange and purple look good together :)

  2. That’s not episode 6 screens. Go watch now!

  3. @Kitsune I like her dress :) <3

    @Misu ^^ I haz watched it. Of course, this was episode 5… precisely the moment of awaking to Akane Yano XD *dashes over to Yukifu to read on e6*

  4. She’s one of the more attractive chicks in this show. >.>

  5. This is not 2D Noto. >:(

    auraboltNovember 16, 09 @ 2:44 pmReply
  6. @Jubbz indeed, this little frame selection did her wonders imo.

    @aurabolt LOL, yea… about that… not that Sawako isn’t the awesome, but this one caught my attention right here :P

  7. I was heartbroken when I found out fishlips has a boyfriend who’s in college at the moment.

  8. @Shin… I’m kinda shokked there, but I am kinda glad this attraction wasn’t alone.

  9. awwww! ayane is so pretty <33
    love the artstylings in this anime!
    cutecute ^__^

    (your always so nice and comment on my kimi ni todoke blogs thought id return the favor :P )

  10. @cidz hehe, well I comment everywhere… that’s how it’s always been, just getting more into the spread ^^ thank you for the reply <3

    Also, yes. I luv her.

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