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Nodame Cantabile: Restart

Nearly a month ago I decided to begin a Nodame Cantabile rewatch. There was much hubbub about a group rewatch, though I’m not sure how that played out. I do know ETERNAL kicked things off which was stimulating, and so I began…

Yes, I enjoy the series when the weather is cool, cold, or freezing; a tangent in itself. I’ve watched the first episode countless times since that awesome Autumn of 2006, with a number of repeats earlier this year. Strangely there was one little piece I have always overlooked, a piece of Chiaki’s perspective on Nodame.


In the scene before the duo perform their practice piece, Chiaki mentions that Nodame resembles Vieira, which I completely brushed off, multiple times. Chiaki, who obviously suffers from a sensei-complex, let’s his guard down to the viewer. His attraction to Nodame has sprung.

Winter 2007 I wrote about the Nodame Cantabile anime and touched on the relation between Chiaki and Nodame. Though this little piece of Chiaki does not alter my overall thoughts on their admiration-attraction, I feel it seeds a deeper level of attraction.

I sense that Chiaki’s desire to be with, and learn from Vieira is not solely out of admiration. Likewise, Chiaki’s minute attraction to Nodame will ultimately become something similar, a desire to be with, and learn from Nodame.

For reference, I enjoy Nodame Cantabile in the cold, for the warming sensation of the experience is well-complemented. Hearts.

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  1. It’s very interesting how Chiaki is dedicated with reuniting with Viera while avoiding Nodame… and completely failing at said reconciliation thanks to Milch Holstein.

    Nodame perhaps has substituted Viera completely: a source of learning for Chiaki re life and music albeit indirectly.

    The problem with this interpretation of mine is that Holstein’s teachings about music to Chiaki isn’t that direct either… but if S-Oke, and the 1st Rachmaninoff performance is considered, it’s direct enough.

  2. @ghostlightning That sort of reminds me of those martial arts tales, where the master has the young pupil do things which seem entirely tangential to said martial art, but ultimately make a well-rounded artist.

    I think S-Oke and the 1st Rach performance are quite direct actually, while containing aspects which are needed and seemingly ill-material; dealing with the moods and quirks of players.

    Yes, Nodame is likely the complete substitute, and a proper affection, a perfect complement.

  3. I never saw the anime or read the manga for this. But I did watch the J-Drama of Nodame Cantabile.
    It was funny and heartwarming. ^ ^
    I really liked it.

  4. Crap, I remember watching the first two episodes, but I wonder why I stopped… :(

  5. @Yi awwwww, the anime progress was very nice, really solid series. If you’ve watched the drama and the specials, I say go for it, but that’s not a recommendation :P

    @nekosasu … cause it’s got some major cheesish scenes lol? It does get good as more characters come into the mix, just gotta watch out for stunt dolls and other cheesy gear haha. Good times.

  6. Ah yes, Nodame Cantabile… a series with a high re-watch value.

    Haven’t read the manga; somewhat disappointed with Paris Chapter because of its pacing – and surprising lack of romance factor despite being in Paris lol

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