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Mixing Categories

So having this new power of A.C.E. sort of generates interesting options as to channels of expression. I wonder what happens to the ACE if I mix categories for a post. Exclusion or Inclusion. We will see.

Categories: Micro, Technology.

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  1. I’ve got to give this a try, but what about visibility? I didn’t know about your channels/excluded posts until I saw discrepancies between what was showing up on your main page and the “next post”/”previous post” links after the comment box.
    I’m thinking I’d have to use some kind of hackneyed sidebar content feed off my own channel?

    • Category exclusion is the idea. Being able to post trivial or random stuff without mucking up the main feed. I was curious mainly, but I like the separation from main content. (I think some themes feature this.)

      I like posting on blog, and prefer it over something like tumblr, which limits interaction to users. So I feel if there is a subscriber interested in what I might babble update, I don’t want to do it in a place where they need to register to respond/trackback… that’s silly.

      The sidebar content did come across my mind (rss).

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