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Autumn 2009: A Certain Scientific Railgun



A Certain Scientific Railgun is one of the more anticipated series this season, largely around the Mikoto-factor or the Mikoto-Kuroko-factor. In any case, it’s surely fun… and so much > Index, or so I’ve heard.

The group of girls very cute, individually and in their mutual chemistry, but the most intrigue comes from Kuroko and Mikoto being quite ESP’d up (especially the 電撃姫). J.C. Staff shows some effort in the action scenes, and the production quality reflects it.

Personally, Mikoto’s grand scene was a little corny at the start, but it fittingly serves to introduce her awesome powerlevel. On the other side of the core duo, Kuroko owned the episode a number of times… twice at once even.



*cough* ごめん〜

I’ll be following along, but (because there’s always a ‘but’) I figure it might be good to blend the experience in a similar fashion as I did with Hayate the Combat Butler!! So I will likely be queuing some of my Index backlog as Railgun proceeds.

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  1. haha I love her expression in that first picture :D

  2. I have a strong feeling Railgun will be better than Index. Aside from my personal preference of Mikoto and Kuroko over Index, it seems like it won’t be taking itself seriously, which is good for a show like this. Oh, and I love the ED :D

  3. @Kitsune yesssum’ me too :)

    @ETERNAL You betcha! That’s the consensus at least ^^ I’m not sure the serious-factor has much to do with it, but if it’s more eventful than Index, I think viewers will enjoy it.

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