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Hayate the Combat Butler, the second coming, recently ended. Overall, it was great, but the merit is restricted to a select number of episodes (let’s say 3-8, 10-13, 15-17, 18, 23-24)1. Hmm…

Wow, actually that’s a good 75% of the series being at awesome-level lovecom. Given, the general power of the franchise are the subtleties between the main quattro, Ayumu, Nagi, Hinagiku and of course Hayate, but this is precisely where the 2009 version brought out it’s A-game. Although…

As with most of these long-running series, the episodic nature offers a mixed bag of relevant and non-relevant material, but one thing I enjoyed with Hayate is the distinction between these episodes; it was easy to determine on and off-track episodes.

Comparatively2, the 2007 version was like a scattered slice/comedy affair with less relevant lovecom accentuation3. With 20 episodes left in my first season marathon, I feel I can safely say S2 was a delight. Despite the positive attributes, I do not think S2 can stand alone without most of the first 17 episodes of the season one.

Side stories and irrelevant episodes aside, Hayate the Combat Butler is quite charming4.

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1 - I can understand why Zaitcev didn’t get into it.
2 - Should be safe to do this because it’s a “sequel” from the same sauce source.
3 - Though the pure comedy aspect was very strong.
4 - Why on earth have I not been following the manga like Kurogane and FFVIIKnight.
Extra - I totally expect a 3rd season!

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  1. This episode was hilarious. Hayate needs his own reality show. All in all, I loved this season – way more than the first, although like you mention, I loved the romcom eps more than the random humor eps. But the random humor eps work great as dare I say *gulp* filler. I can’t for a 3rd season too.

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