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Revisiting Nodame Live

Author recently published a visual retrospective on the Nodame Cantabile anime (2007 Winter). Actually, he’s posted quite a bit on Nodame in the past month, but I ask… where’s the live action?

The reason I bring it up is extremely indirect; having spotted the recently aired HanaKimi Special, I remembered that I had yet to watch the Nodame specials (all 220+ minutes worth). So I ventured into the mix this week, and interestingly enough, I find the live-action at an advantage.

In my mind, the 2007 anime edged out the live-action just slightly, but when comparing this seasons’ Paris-hen and live specials, I’m not so sure the anime has the advantage.

For a couple reasons, the special’s timing is very nice, and the flow is smooth. The competition is given more gravity [and time] than the anime, and the acting isn’t 100% cheeze (like a large bunch of these productions).

The good news is that there’s decent abstraction between the originals and sequals (both live and anime ended at the same point in the story), so picking up the specials, without seeing the first 12 episodes doesn’t carry much penalty.

It could just be, that the good mix of Nodame is going with anime for the Tokyo arc and live-action for the Paris arc, but I one can never be sure until these things are fully punctuated. So while, I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity, I do recommend the specials, if not for feeling out the material to come in Paris-hen, at least for this:


Oh yes, plenty of Noda-expressions to love on; plus French lulz. I’ll likely be watching the specials a couple times for enjoyment.

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  1. I’ve got HanaKimi Special but I don’t plan on watching it. My friend did and she said it “sucked.” I love the live-action for Nodame Cantabile and Nodame’s expressions too! Its like the only drama besides HanaYori Dango and Nobuta wo Produce that I actually finished.

  2. Oh goodness how I adore the live action Nodame Cantabile! It turned me into a classical music otaku and for that I can never thank it enough. After seeing the show, some mighty serendipity sent the brilliant piano soloist Cecile Licad right into one of our Friday nights. She played Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2, the one that Shinichi played with A Orchestra conducted by Milch. I swear to you it was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.

    I must have seen the whole show 5 times and the specials a few times more. I disagree that the acting wasn’t pure cheeze. It was, only that it was tolerable because the characters and the actors are all endearing in their way. The great thing about the dorama is that many side characters get to STEAL THE SHOW, like Manabu did a number of times while reacting to Shinichi’s music, like Saiko did when she stole the lunch set from Uraken to deliver to Shinichi, and almost every scene where Yuuko is part of. Yuuko owns.

  3. @blissmo, yea it was kind of ill-composed and the flow was weird. Still, some funny moments. Yes, NC live action was such a fun experience for me. That Christmas season was such a good memory for me (Dec 2006), in general, life went down the tube, but the good times went out with Nodame Cantabile :)

    @ghostlightning, LUCKY, Rach’s piano concertos are my favorite, the melodies are so epic… like Lawrence of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago epic. Well, compared to standard, I thought Nodame and Shinichi were held in decent character; some of the others were just normal overly-dramatic cheeze.

    I agree on the side characters, I enjoyed their parts very much. It gave the series some extra spark, and lifted the often discouraging atmosphere felt by Nodame and Chiaki. ^^

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