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Cut DVD, Go to Class, Gintama-effect


The story goes…

I was reluctantly up this morning, preparing breakfast, and passively watching an episode of Gintama. I ended up mixing in the morning RSS feeds while this was all happening, and then started a previously unexperience episode from the series (27).

The bearded Virgo will die…

Naturally, I wasn’t minding the time, but I was laughing my face off, yet I paused to read some feed articles and time was actually getting tight. I resumed the episode playing the in DVD player, and I knew I should be leaving; I wasn’t going to.

Nearing the end of the episode, the DVD player simply cuts off. Was it a broken disc? broken player? broken TV?

I felt trolled

Lucky for me, I decided to have a little more promptness in life than most of the awesome characters in Gintama, and I turned off the tube, packed my stuff, and headed out the door. Many minutes later, I strolled into class… ON-Time. (I haven’t been on-time for weeks now.) Yet…

How does that feel, hmmm….
….that withheld feeling

To be cut short on something enjoyable, when factually the time wasn’t up. Sure disapointing in a way, but you know what, Sa-chan would say that withholding only increases the excitement, and though I’m not that type of M guy… it is kinda hot.

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  1. Hohohoho indeed that would leave me with an empty feeling. Also I like the way you have put in your thoughts :P !

  2. I didn’t connect it to Sa-chan until later in the afternoon. She’s total M-girl.

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