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And another week, another month…

So the most eventful portion of my week was definitely the morning cycle rides, but that has little to do with anime. There were, however, a couple nice things in the otakusphere; or rather I enjoy their premise.

The Catcher in the Rye mix anime

Interesting posts around the blogs, relating Salinger’s work to anime titles of choice. How rad can it be? I’ve read a few of these and they make good statements. I would do one myself, but I’ve yet to think of a title that relates (my mind is fried atm). Where can we find a deliberatly non-conformist character; rebel without a cause. If at the minimum, I can think of the near polar opposite [and I'd have to say GTO ^^].

Mizunashi Mode month

lolikit and IcyStorm have ventured on this Akari-esque lifestyle, with documenting. I like it, good stuff, but the numerated details are a bit much for me to key on hour-to-hour. Still, I’m going to ease my way into it, if possible (my life is a bit simplistic atm). Why not?

Anyway. I had intentions of starting/resuming a seasonal anime, but I ended up beginning the Gokusen and Galileo dramas and resumed Keroro Gunsou (so glad after 8 months). If I had picked up something found in the torrent dump on my server, it would have likely been Summer Skies, Nogizaka Haruka, Koihime, or Xam’d. Also I’ve still around 200 unread feed items :) not bad, but most not applicable until I watch something.

Damn, my anime watching grade must be a D-

Ryan A

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  1. Nice to know you’re gonna try it out =]

  2. Hey, you can trying doing it, too.

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