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Autumn in the North :: 2008

Impz and co, did their Autumn seasonal preview already. A few weeks ago, I wishlisted some of these on melative. While the season is still weeks away, I’m pretty set in my choices.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka
Game conversion, sweet art, just for giggles.
ef – a tale of melodies
It’s ef
Gundam 00 Second Season
It’s G00, and yes Extrange got it right!
Kuro Shitsuji
Black Butler, could be mesmerizing, worth a taste.
Kyo no Go ni
Looks Awesome, still haven’t watched the OVA dammit
Nodame Cantabile – Paris Chapter
It’s Nodame
Shikabane Hime
Skip Beat
It’s shoujo
To Aru Majutsu no Index
Reading some of the manga, extensive light novel source.Cute charas
Reading the light novel, and Extrange gets it right here as well. TAIGA RABU 4EVA!
Yozakura Shijuusou
I like large casts, and the premise is stimulating.

There’s a lot of promise in the pool, and with so many shows airing, my Autumn 08 season could be growing. As usual, episodic reflections will be on melative.

Note to self: Need a nice javascript/WP integration to the melative API so that these titles aren’t so bland (this is really easy, but I’m working on other things)

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  1. YAY!

    It’s Gundam 00!!! <3

  2. FELDT!!!!

    aloedreamAugust 27, 08 @ 9:30 pmReply

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