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The Week :: Broken Things


Ah, a little late, a little… but it’s only Chuesday! I think weekly wrappings are better on Tuesdays since this is a “clumpy” season.

So what a week, and with so little of my anime habit. Yes, I took a pause on the anime viewing as I had to run out of town for a bit, do an “odd” job, deal with family, (all surprisingly independent events) and am now behind on the Special not-special series and the vampire one; shoujo :3 nyaa.

The big event must have been those major RAWers getting nabbed D: Unfortunately, the decent S.A and VK raws have slowed up; I am just now finding e06 in something other than SD. Mine as well shoot for WS/HD/etc. Speaking of which, I checked out the xxxHOLiC Kei WS versions, and very nice, I like the extra view-space, but I will mostly likely stick with the 4×3′s since it the series is moving so well.

Glance Back

I should probably watch this Library War 05 [and Nabari], which I had planned on last night, but oh well. I did get a moment with KKN and xxxHOLiC, both having solid enjoyably episodes. Apart from my personal viewing, Kurenai seems to be taking many hearts and lungs around the blogosphere, and I’m glad. I wish for two things, 1) Baccano! originally aired with Kurenai quality 2) Baccano! 14. mmmmhmm. That last one is real.

Something else came about over the weekend, Full Metal Alchemist! I stumbled upon a box of discs, from “the move” and decided to see if they were any good. A couple of them were of FMA burned sometime in 2004 maybe? Dunno, but they gave me a headache. I decided to do a PAR2 if they were okay, just for the heck, but it didn’t seem they were okay.. CRC errors all over the place. After a while, I realized I was using a some form of UDF volume driver and they were likely ISO… they played fine in standalone players. Not the point, but ah it was a little refreshing to glimpse a couple episodes as I was troubleshooting; good memories with that series.


Unfortunately, I have to double up my seasonal viewing, to catch up with the pack. First, I have to get this workaholic vibe out of my system (sorry melative, I work when I can… at least that is what I should say, steady development otherwise). Since I have a lot of free time I should at least marathon something, perhaps I’ll pick a title this week, Scrapped Princess perchance? The minimum would be to wrap up my 2007 Autumn series…. evidence of a lazy person ^^.

In a seasonal respect, Library Wars and xxxHOLiC are running strong *is satisfied*, and there is good momentum in series I am not viewing (ie Kurenai, Himitsu, Kaiba), so I still have my ambition. It is likely that I will shun coding for today, and dabble in the seasonal offerings.

Man, this post was not progressive at all… wtf bah. >.>

Ryan A

Note: Weekends are getting a little cramped, since F1 season is blossoming, and I love me some F1! Formula 1 weekends are definitely absorbing.

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  1. I just started Nabari and so far, it’s great. Certainly better than SA although it’s hard to make that comparison valid seeing as they’re not in the same genre.

  2. Yea Nabari rocks! I’m not so enthused by the pretty boys, but I am grateful it isn’t shounen; mixed ^^ I will probably get around to catching up soon.

    aloedreamMay 14, 08 @ 7:43 amReply
  3. xxxHolic is all you really need baby!

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