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Code :: Blogs, php and URI access

This will be a shorty, as the week has been turbulent and sweet.

So a couple months back, I posted about wp-melative, and in the code I was using a “socket download” since, the opening of URI has been disabled? on; I didn’t look into it much, just used socket connections as a workaround.

The Problem

Shortly after using the socket download wrapper-func, I noticed odd digits and characters appearing in the RSS. A very bad thing since, these renegade characters would sometimes appear in xml tags, thus invalidating and breaking the chain of events (the sidebar). Again, I didn’t look to much into it, but thought of another solution, this one is easy, and is today’s code.


function wget($uri, $dest)
	// renamed from exec
	return EXECUTE( "wget -O $dest '$uri'" );

function getXmlFromWget( $uri, $rssfile )
	// do the wget
	wget( $uri, $rssfile );
	// get destination contents
	$rv = file_get_contents( $rssfile );

	// arbitrary length checking
	return strlen($rv)>5?$rv:false;


The two functions are very simple. getXmlFromWget() takes the URI and the destination rssfile. It calls the wget function and passes the same parameters. wget() uses php’s exec built-in to pass a terminal command to the system, in this case it is specifically wget.

There should be a word of caution when passing stuff to exec, and especially with wget, since it can download/mirror an entire site with certain switches. I have only included the modest -O switch implying the single file download will be output to $dest.

Is this better than socket download? I believe so, wget seems more stable than php socket looping, and I haven’t noticed any strange characters appearing in the output. There is one small problem of downloading or not downloading, as it wget appears to receive blank files sometimes, hence the reason I include a file length check.


Since has limited URI access, the wget wrapper is a good alternative. This would be good for any bloggers wanting load up offsite RSS/XML/API data, as there needs to be a way to obtain the data that isn’t on Wget manages this, as well as caching the data to the file system.

What’s that you say? Javascript… sorry XSS is usually a no-no.


Note: this was written 6 hours ago, but for some reason WP rejected the above code, until I renamed the ‘exec’ function to EXECUTE… weird

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