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Well It’s a Start


This is the first of my “weekly” posts, which are mostly about status; what was good last week and what am I looking forward to in the next 7 days.


Looking back at my reflections for the week, I enjoyed. I think there is a good showing for Spring, despite appearing unattractive at first [and to many]. The shoujo feels naice, a little wobble in S.A, but the experience for newly premiered series (KKN, LibWars, 20 Faces) was intriguing?….

The Skinny

  • Library Wars in two strong episodes, great comedy, budding romance.
  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is ballistic, but I’m still skeptical in proceeding (as with 20 Faces).
  • xxxHOLiC Kei finished it’s first arc nicely, drenched in the tears of Zashiki Warashi, and an eyeball.
  • Nabari no Ou really begins to roll, with a cool, ashounen (like atypical) vibe and interesting characters. Killer e03!

Heroine Sampling


Whoops, there’s a Yuuko sticking out ~~


I need my shoujo! The slice-of-life flow of S.A is getting to me, and YUH, I *heart* vampires+goth, and can’t wait to see more fighting over books. I expect a decent showing this week, but it’s early Spring, and I’m on edge only for Nabari no Ou after killer ep03. Perhaps if I was watching Kurenai, which appears that it could go Black Lagoon at any moment while feeling like hearty slice-of-life and solid value, I would be urging for the next episode, but I’m being indecisive.

In any case, I feel good things coming (and no it doesn’t have the slightest relation to spankings).

Ryan A

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5 Responses

  1. lol, what a pic to represent Raimei. ;)

  2. I like the heroine pictures! I don’t know them all though, what series is the girl in the lower left picture from? I really should learn japanese so I can watch Library Wars…jealous… :)

  3. Would you say Library Wars is the romance/comedy this season? I’m thinking of jumping ship on Special A…just can’t get into it.

  4. Looks like I have a lot to cover … :|

  5. @totali, awesome right, shes awesome. Glad she is competent at least (SHE CUT THAT DUE IN HALF)

    @Susie Q, thats Kyouka-sama ( from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki), it’s quite a handful. Well, my Japanese is shaky (I’m studying hard), but Library Wars isn’t as bad as KKN. I just have the mindset, what would I do if thrown in an environment where I wasn’t fluent. May get around to a future post.

    @Caitlin, Library Wars > Special A. S.A has stimulation from the manga, but LW is stronger so far.

    @Michael, no need to rush. Some of the series I find most intriguing are on my marathon list already. ^^

    aloedreamApril 22, 08 @ 1:38 pmReply

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