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The Week :: [missing]


Yea, well, this was expected. I missed posting on last week in review and the forecast for the coming week. Why is that?

Sadly, there will be no week in review, as I am looking forward. Finals created circumstances which tied me up, and also … I have a visitor. My visitor stands ~17cm high, and is a little white fluff ball neko. She is completely kawaii terror and hard love (I don’t understand purring while viciously trying to rip my thumbnails out)! Anyway, it’s been a while since I had a pet, and she doesn’t let me work efficiently (see Kurenai), but I’m getting into the flow.

Glance Back

As I said, I’ll just have to resume the weekly wrap-up next time, but mark this.

After stumbling in from today’s last final
I sat down and watched the latest episode xxxHOLiC Kei.

Insightful meaning in few words.


There are merely a few seasonal episodes to experience before the rest of the week, but having seen S.A and Vampire Knight from last week, I’ll say that VK is entertaining but quite shallow, and S.A is getting better but slacking at the same time; just strolling. What makes me eager? I don’t know since uh, yea, still have to watch Library Wars, KKN, and Nabari no Ou, but I can’t go wrong with xxxHOLiC… can I?


I don’t think so…

Ryan A

note: I am taking my school intermission after 7 consecutive semesters, so I will hope to enjoy the Summer with backlog and seasonal adventures. Also, I usually mark my episodic experiences using melative reflections, I never understood the reasons I used AniDB to “list” and “mark” episodes I have seen, which now seems redundant (reflections kill two birds with one stone, experience is experience). Any episodes I had yet viewed in this post will wind up on the reflections shortly. ^^ Improved melative functionality soon.

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  1. I had a kitten once! But it had fleas, so I had to give it away …

  2. Dude, you gotta see Library Wars! soo awesome! I’m pretty happy with the spring shows…although I’m sure it’s really distracting with studying and finals and stuff :/ good luck! I always thought it would be a great feature for facebook(or maybe your computer!) to let you lock yourself out for set amounts of time so you can’t get distracted.

  3. I don’t like cats …

    But I’ve been traumatized by animals when I was young (rabid dog bit me), so meh. Good luck with that kitty~

    Oh, right, I need to download the first season of xxxHolic. Or is it standalone, Ryan?

  4. totali _skratch_

    blissmo no fleas here, she is too stuck up for fleas

    Susie Q LW is probably what I’m looking forward to, since there was the cliffhanger and all. But maybe Nabari also. Yea, I need to focus, but now that the semester is over, I don’t need to rush, simply stroll. Still, I like efficiency.

    Michael D: rabies omg. MM, standalone, it is probably alright if you have read the manga, I never watched the first season, but I know where we are in the manga. It is an interesting world, what is reality? though in a more playful and less immanent manner. Read the manga, since second season started about volume 7 and 7 voumes read in very short time.

  5. Aw, I want a cat too. :<

    Although I imagine that like you, it would definitely damage my already pitiful work ethic.

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