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Experience :: Megane

Today’s experience post comes from a 2007 film, Megane. There wasn’t much particular about how I ran into the film, only a link I followed from Google, etc. Of course, the term megane (眼鏡) has extravagant connotation in anime, but the film is unrelated. The only I relation I could find to “glasses” was that each main character wore them. So…

Morning Exercises

Truthfully, and though it may be a just so-so film, I found it a delight for my current circumstance (recent freedoms), but I greatly believe this film is not for everyone, or one in any given moment, it just isn’t. The film is especially slow, subtle and predominately slice-of-life. Imagine H+C without any romantic threads and much less apparent comedy (via Morita).

Megane held countless “silent” scenes, a fair amount of beer drinking, hunger-inducing foods, and other “goodies” for those who enjoy subtle-ordinary things, and it did have moments of humor in the characters, but it wasn’t comedy. It was just what I needed to start my break, a let go, a release. Yet, stepping out of a busy lifestyle, experiencing the film, and then back into the rush of things doesn’t do it justice… the atmosphere needs to be felt. And the setting/atmosphere is precisely why I related, minus it being in Japan; the setting was quite familiar to Florida (open house, small community, nature, beach, ocean… it’s like a mirror). [reflection @ melative]

Here is a clip from the film, where there is some mandolin music. It sounds like that meditation music, which is about the vibe of the film.

I won’t touch on the whole issue of “Twilighting” (stems from たそがれ, but I didn’t know what the suffix was), rather why is this atmosphere so hard to find in anime? The beach and an open “beach” house, where are they?

Answers, I want

I know what many would say, “most series have beach episodes” and that is great for Fumoffu!, TTGL, Lucky Star, and other big titles, but it isn’t the setting. And I don’t mean seaside towns like in Umisho or Asatte no Houko. I mean the beach, as in the setting of Weekend at Bernie’s (bad example D:). Does Macross Zero come close? Mmm, I guess, but penis sticks wasn’t really what I had in mind (excuse me).

Finding this open, do little, enjoy big, relax, don’t rush aura in anime will be tough… or it could just Aria compensating for these by its little self. I am opening up cases for slice-of-life variants, but finding little resolve in anime…. I will continue without rushing.

Ryan A

note: for anyone interested, I am not sure of the availability in US (no Netflix), but its probably available somewhere on DVD. There was a torrent, and mkv, but the subtitles were not nice. I demuxed and repackaged as .ass subs for clear fonts.

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  1. You’ve been keeping up with your Japanese movies! D:

    The last ‘movie’ I watched was the Proposal Daisakusen special. Anyway, while it had a great ending with a great closure, I never was able to watch much ANYTHING.

    See, a thesis on biology and a literature course don’t mix well together. But they have one common thing: READING A LOT. hahaha

    Enjoy your vacation! :)

  2. Mixture of studies is very difficult… for first year classes it is manageable, but as time goes on, it gets tough to dive into unrelated concepts.

    Oh, and I have many more Japanese movies to bask in. Film and music are my other major media of pleasure, though I rarely find music (general listening habits) related to anime/manga.

    Thanks Michael ;) I will try to relax, but also code hard

    aloedreamMay 1, 08 @ 11:18 amReply

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