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true tears :: Enforce the Discipline

It will be soon, the last aired episode of true tears, I will experience it… and end this “crunch marathon“. Basically, I found the series wonderful, for a number of reasons, but not perfect personally (what is these days).

Nature and Animation

These are perhaps the most noticeable attributes of true tears. The nature of the series begins as simple, un-fantastic life; it is a normal story, and continues to be so. One implication of this is that it is not relying on anything other than reality to get the message across; normal slice-of-life. Not every series can accomplish such a story well, but in trade of solid, realistic storytelling, the story lacks some dynamics, though the characters make up for variation. Of course, if the experience holds interest+intrigue, the dynamics are secondary.

The nature may be semi-bland, but true tears came with excellent animation for a seasonal production. I was entirely astonished at the 720p, which seemed to bring shining sequences every episode (see here), as well as fashionable character design. From the ANN page, P.A. Works has had some experience with notable series (recently Darker than Black), so I would say this is a great solo result. (It would be wise to look forward to more of their stuff.)

Execution and Character Development

If I were to choose the brilliance of true tears, it would among these particulars. Regular story, regular characters, but the presentation, the ordering of details, the timing… bravo! Really, everything in it’s right place. These writers had a great vision, and the harem result doesn’t matter after that; there has be good reasoning behind whatever the final may hold.

With notable execution, it is inevitable that the series had good characterization (light, moderate depth, and good flow). I believe I most enjoyed Aiko/Ai, simply for her ‘S’ appeal the progressive picture she came to be. The other two girls were pleasant. I didn’t latch to either of them, but their developments were awesome. Noe was a kaweirdo, and progresses as a weirdo that is cute, while Hiromi started as this coldish girl and became a colourful, tear-shedding beauty [with a slightly intimidating defensive side]. It’s great.

I shouldn’t pass off Noe as such a weirdo, she is perhaps the most intriguing character of the circle. Her expressions, ideas, and statements open a window usually seen in KyotoKey projects, but she dances worldly meaning and symbolism around Shinichirou. Innocent, yet innately mature at times, she was a good focal point for the story (is she the final girl).

Necessary Reduction

I did enjoy the moments of moe and little bits of fluff, but the previous points are worthy of the experience. Though, my personal key flaw, was lack of connection, I did not feel strongly compelled for the overall result (heart connection).

How can it have such an amazing aura,
yet lack the essence of connection?

This may have to do with story dynamics (compare to H+C), but I just didn’t FEEL that definitive TUG (identification). I would imagine it’s not universal, because the story is so very real and understandable, and beautiful, that it should be widely identifiable. I believe the last series which game me a similar feeling was, mmm, Irohanihoheto. And that’s about my only minor gripe.

From here I go…

At this point, I’d like to elaborate on what is learned from this series; from my point of view, it is an enforcement of a discipline. One of the true tears drivers is the notion of dishonesty. It sounds bad, but most of the characters aren’t honest with themselves, by way of action and in emerging circumstances. They aren’t lying to themselves, they know their respective truths and accept, but they have not acted upon the path from the start or announced their feelings; lying is the driver, courage is the solution, but then no story, and no true tears.

My own idea about paths is simple, “weigh properly, the bits of doubt; honor the unwanted path; step forward or do not step at all.” Ai is the clearest example, as she not only stalled her wanted path (Shinichirou), but took a path of doubt which she did not want (Miyokichi). Looking at Hiromi, this is also the case, but misinformation was her stall point, though I think she was reaching her limit of suppression; a love so great, it would explode.

Remarkably, I find the truest character to be Noe, but again, the end girl? It’s possible, acceptable, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Ryan A

For reference: my definition of “crunch marathon”, is probably better said as a lead-up marathon, where it is timed so that the final episode is released and view shortly after all previous episodes. Yea, it’s made-up.

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  1. I agree that it was a great series yet it lacked that certain tug… I think if they had more time they could’ve developed the characters more and I would’ve felt more connected to the show but oh well. It was a remarkable show and as a Hiromi fan xD I was very pleased with the ending.

  2. :) Thanks for the comment. I think the majority was wanting Noe; I didn’t mind either way, it was strong regardless.

    aloedreamMarch 31, 08 @ 5:58 pmReply

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