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Proposal Daisakusen


When I stumbled upon this drama I was looking for something light and fun, with a good mixture of emotions. Thankfully, the series provided more than I had hoped for. The showing by main characters was very good, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an anime adaptation; it could work.

The basic premise is that Iwase Ken, well forget it, actually it is explained in the first 5 minutes, and deals with re-living regrets. Due to magical fairy circumstances, Ken gets that chance, and must win back his childhood friend. Sounds so generic, and it truly is, but usually if something is going to rely on smoke and mirrors, it won’t go far with me. Luckily, the premise was not the driving point [nor the finishing point], instead there is an interesting way about storytelling, through moments of Ken’s memory.

So I finished this drama the other night, which took a matter of a few days woven between eat, sleep, and school. It was most definitely worth it, and the writing turned out to be very good; coincidental but appealing. I didn’t cry, but some may, more importantly was the overwhelming feeling of heartbreak and failure; I don’t get those feelings everyday, and even though they are considered “negative”, I gladly welcome them.

Interesting, fulfilling, and highly enjoyable.
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Ryan A

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  1. I’ve seen this drama on the drama wiki several times, probably because I was searching for dramas with Yamashita in it. But it always looked like it would be something a little boring, but from what you said I think I will defiantly watch this series.

  2. I watch few dramas, but this one rocked! I really loved every episode. The only complaint I had about it was the cheezy hallelujah scenes…..nooooooooooo

  3. @TokiDoki, it seems different from his other stuff I’ve seen, but after the first couple episodes it feels pretty natural. Very fun

    @Totali, lol yea that was pretty cheesy, and consistently, but still rocks.

    aloedreamFebruary 22, 08 @ 8:24 amReply
  4. Finally saw this series, it was better than I expected. quite unique the way they told the story. It starts off a little bit slow but it gets interesting once your past the third episode or so. Its nice how all the events are related and affect each other. I think I’m running low on dramas now but at least they started subbing binbo danshi.

  5. Ah, yay! Binbo danshi was one of the new ones I had looked at, as well as 1 pound no fukuin. I look forward to some of you drama write-ups. You really have good time to enjoy so many series. ^^

    aloedreamMarch 21, 08 @ 8:51 pmReply

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