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Nodame Cantabile :: Winter Pick ’07

Alright, so first Nodame Cantabile has an entertaining story. I thank Garten for bloggin the live-action because otherwise I would have never snatched them off the torrent feeds. Also, S-Projects did well on the subs, especially for the limited helpers; I’m not actually sure where the translator is from, but I believe s/he knows more Japanese than English (good thing). Now we come to the anime… and a semi-deep forward analysis (hopefully no spoilers).

I didn’t give a run down last entry about Nodame Cantabile 01, but I think there are a couple important things to note, especially in English reading (by C1; not that its wrong or anything). I commented that the live-action wasn’t heavy in romance, which is the truth, the anime COULD lean more towards it, but the fact remains that Noda Megumi is an extravagant girl and easily taken for granted. *notes story: The Boy Who Cried Wolf*

Yeah, it's like that.

Nodame is definitely “in LOVE” with Chiaki, but it’s very spastic, due to the nature of her character, but their relationship is more than a romatic one; if if ever becomes romatic. From the beginning, Chiaki recognizes Nodame as a person and a talented pianist; but not a lover. These are very important, because Chiaki is extremely critical, yet very, very selfish, very. Nothing wrong here, but it is his character and his situation which causes so much tension in his days. He is mentally unable to leave Japan, but he sees no reason to be there. Of course, this changes because of Nodame; who she is.


The relationship
I was searching for the correct word to classify ChiakiXNodame, but I’m unable to recall the term. The relationship between Chiaki and Nodame is unique in that it dwells in their personas. From an external perspective, they are very different types of people, but they are both musicians and communicate through music (as seen). The reason their relation is strong is because each has realized something about the other; they exclusively possess something, attributes, the other does not. When they can realize this and accept it as fascination (or possibly attraction, as Nodame did) they are bonded.


There is a strange thought that brisked my mind when Chiaki goes next door to clean; is Chiaki wanting to go next door, possibly intrigued by Nodame the free-musician? I have doubts because the most apparent reason is the hope to rid the apartment next-door of excess waste and garbage (for his own personal sake). That is Chiaki, he really seems to have internal motives to strive, and if I take this as the case, his last line(of episode 01) makes sense.


The last line expresses that Chiaki has something worthy of his time in Japan, which I feel can be misinterpretted to meaning Nodame, but it isn’t a misinterpretation, it IS Nodame, yet at the same time it is only part of Nodame, the piece which Chiaki lacks… an expressively free and optimistic character, which motivates and opens new doors for him. He can learn from Nodame, through music, because he has accepted her way of music (somewhat), fluttering, breezy, and artistically “pretty”. And Nodame, at the same time, will find what she lacks, self-discipline, order, etc. Those which Chiaki possess, and she admires, but needs to grasp.

Note, this is not explictly expressed in the anime or live-action, it is just a feeling I get as to why their relationship works in a beneficial, but non-intimate fashion. I find this display atypical to anime and most other media, because it isn’t romantic, but there is a good connection.


With that out of the way, I have one self-tip for enjoying Nodame Cantabile, and that is never tire of Nodame and her messiness, “Gyabon!” expressions, and often peppy attitude towards Chiaki; she’s just that way. Watching the live-action, I found that no matter how many times she was herself it was never annoying, but I could easily understand if a viewer came to that conclusion (repetition of Nodame’s way).

All is good! I may or may not be back on the topic of Nodame Cantabile, but I will definitely be enthused to experience each episode. Having seen the live-action, I don’t feel deprived, because the anime generally feels different; if I hadn’t seen the live-action I would probably wish to stick to the anime first. I will probably rewatch the live-action after the anime, just to feel it once more through, 20 weeks from now O_O, that’s hefty. On with the show!

Ryan A

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  1. I wanna get my hands on the live-action hehe but I dunno about the anime version.

  2. Good pick. Very good pick.

  3. I need to make a new entry D: gawd
    I do like the little extras the anime gives,

    aloedreamFebruary 19, 07 @ 10:20 amReply
  4. um, yes, in the end, he cannot live without her and her cantabile … I really want to hear nodame rhapsody again … it’s never mentioned anymore, but it’s very lovely.

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