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Macross and The Descent of Man

“The sounds uttered by birds offer in several respects the nearest analogy to language, for all the members of the same species utter the same instinctive cries expressive of their emotions; and all kinds which sing, exert their power instinctively…”
- Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man

Macross Zero

the researchers suggest that humans first had the ability to sing

Macross Zero

between 50,000 and 80,000 years ago, humans may have merged these two types of expression

Macross Zero

a nightingale may be able to recite from 100 to 200 different melodies

Macross Zero

like birds, we also have a melodic capacity and an ability to recombine parts of our uttered language

Macross Zero

old structures can change just a little bit, and acquire radically new functions

Macross Zero

birds sing learned melodies with what Berwick calls a “holistic” structure; the entire song has one meaning

Excerpts from How human language could have evolved from birdsong, a joint study between researchers at MIT and University of Tokyo.

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Nodame Cantabile: Square One

Nodame 06 - via Garten

“It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate.”
- Henry David Thoreau

The sixth episode begins like a dream. This is where Nodame’s transformation truly begins. She has a sense of fleeting time and a realization that she cannot be alongside Chiaki in her current state, a realization brought on by Stresemann. In the same respect, Nodame can no longer be the mascot; the prelude is over. And we see how this is significant as the S-oke wills to disband.


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Sympathy for a Mean Girl


This isn’t the time or place to further express what I love about cruel or destructive female characters. But I think it is necessary to highlight a new face, even if the context is a live-action series. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s (Gilmore Girls) latest story, Bunheads (2012), starts as a catty affair and soon reveals a mean streak in the darling Sasha (above).

Witty character dynamics, on-screen ballet and dance, a quirky town, familiar music, Michelle’s dream-sequences, distinct cattiness, costumes, the vague realm between adolescence and adulthood… The writing is charged with attractive elements. Yet the mean girl has such significance, perfectly fine in her retaliation but not beyond hope. A hope for courage, a moment to blossom; my sympathy for youth and naivety.

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As the year ends, I am deeply saddened by the loss of my grandfather, my best friend, only a few days ago. I have everything I need in memories. Our time together is a secret that will forever bring me joy. Yet I must learn to live without this integral part of my everyday life. From this point forward, I may not return.

May we all look forward to another dream.

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Nostalgia Cloud

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.”Cesare Pavese

A delightful and dangerous tiger recently wrote about favorites and their persistence through life. With this notion, I immediately recalled School Rumble, a favorite I’ve not been able to shake for many years, and how my experience with favorites is drowned in nostalgic context. Rather than mechanically entertaining my current circumstance, favorites often allude to a time before and my presence in a distant memory.

Truthfully, Nodame Cantabile (drama) has greater merit in the realm of favorites. I have watched the drama on numerous occasions, thick and thin, and I am returned to the closing months of 2006 each time. These were beautiful university days – leisurely, festive, off-the-record – and soon-to-be fleeting, in a certain sense. Nodame Cantabile was not alone in my weekly followings, and that is peculiar. What attribute of this drama allowed a personal fondness above the rest?

I would suggest resonance, an amplication of enjoyment between reality and fiction. Nodame Cantabile resonates with me still, but the feeling was then so pristine. It was the right time. And I was able to feel the characters and story integrated with life’s magic, the whimsical magic which leaves a residue of happiness and moves like an ocean tide.

My abstraction, framed by resonace and timing, is undoubtedly vauge and quite possibly the pink lemonade of a lunatic’s wisdom. But listen: nostalgia, while clouding judgement, is not what creates favorites. Instead, I believe that duty rests on contextual elements of today, those with nostalgic potential, and their coalescence with the fiction we experience at present. This makes sense to a fool like me.

Though a romantic, I do not find myself actively living in the past; life should never allow such folly. No, I am desperately aware that moments of elation, built upon the time and texture of reality, are irreplaceable at best… and forgotten at worst.

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Derailing Fate in Proposal Daisakusen

Proposal Daisakusen

Proposal Daisakusen is a 2007 drama I sometimes find myself rewatching, usually for clean, enjoyable entertainment. The story is about Ken Iwase (Tomohisa Yamashita) and his regret in being unable to properly secure a relationship with childhood friend, Rei Yoshida (Masami Nagasawa). I have previously mentioned the premise is fairly unimaginative, but the drama’s strengths lie in the attention to details and a good execution of various genre.


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Reflection on Blogs


Among the numerous blogs I subscribe to, the ones I like to read offer greater intrigue than irritation, especially through an author’s identity, where taste and subtlety of expression are of divine worth. I play favorites to those whom I have a greater personal knowledge, respect, or simple fascination of. Naturally, my society dwindles in this age of blogging.

A sharing sphere led to discovery once upon a time, and now, stumbling across a new blog is a rarity of events. Yet I allow two points of decision to guide my initial captivation with a blog: author and aesthetic. A single entry is my typical requirement in reading an author for personality, prose, and depth of content. Aesthetic sensibilities are immediately noticed upon visiting a site, and I am far more critical of post layout than overall theme.

On this note, a good blog should be presentable and must have an author of promising mind. Balance between concision, elegance, and depth is drawn from fundamental prerequisites. No want for minds inversely refined, for behaviors of annoyance are simply surmised: needless.

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SnippetTee on Tari Tari’s Architecture

It was an interesting post, and my thoughts…

In the midst of reading up on Tari Tari, though I’ve yet to watch and may not watch. I would have enjoyed mention of how the architecture bridges contemporary and traditional architecture motifs in the Japanese style. The use of wood is clearly traditional, while glass and metal yield modern aesthetic. From the second image, a mild Victorian presence can be seen in the south/west building, which is an interesting contrast between the two campus buildings. I do wonder what the characters were discussing in these frames. Also of interest is the gymnasium, which, with the double gable structure and angled supports/columns, appears as a modern take, streamlined, version of the traditional Mediterranean temple.

Alas, these things were not discussed.

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Gender, Nudity, and the Power of Characterization


I find myself interested in a small trend of nudity and gender topics among recent posts which collectively, and perhaps unintentionally, illuminate similar lines of discourse. Reading these posts, I realized that character has great command over an audience’s assimilation of sex, gender, and nudity. And in the media of visual fiction, it is often a lack of good characterization leading to the doldrums of generic fanservice and blatant objectification. Continued…

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